How much is this Jimi Hendrix Autograph worth

Its on a piece of old paper signed in pencil,been framed up with a photo of Jimi

i inherited from my grandfather back in the 80's as he had a collection of memorabilia

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  • Unsure of provenance as it was in my grandfathers collection
  • Do you want to keep it?  Sell it?  I would think you could get at a few hundred pounds for it. 

    It is a very odd signature however, what is the story behind it?  Are there any papers or prior authentication opinion's with it?

  • So I guess I will never know whether this is genuine or not
  • That's how it seems to be as there has been a few unscrupulous dealers out there giving autographs a bad choice to invest in
  • Rampant fraud,market manipulation, lack of liquidity make autographs a rather poor choice to ever be come considered any kind of serious investment. A hobby only!
  • Price, Intrinsic Value & Enterprise Value
  • It's worth whatever somebody is willing to pay you for it....

  • Being Jimi Hendrix,that could be possible.i suppose I will never know the authenticity of it.

    This is the only forum I have asked and won't go to any other forum for advise.
  • Could the hand have gotten ahead of the brain during the formation of this "d"?

  • Problem with the authentication racket is that everyone has screwed up, more than once. some will admit it, some will never admit their failings, many will only admit it when it suits their purpose. 

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