Interesting Darvick has been accused of forging presidential autographs, being a liar and also called a thief.  Appears Darvick agreed with being a liar and a thief but tried to wiggle out of being called a forger of autographs.

He calls practicing the writing of certain presidential autographs and doing so in front of collectors and dealers is not forging.

Then he tells one dealer they could get a fortune if they sold his Lyndon B. Johnson forgery.  The dealer still has the original Darvick LBJ forgery.

Darvick claims "in his own hand in a presentation inscription in his childrens book" to try and guess which two signatures in the book were signed by him".  

 Darvick's forgeries are not perfect however many of them could fool some.  

At this time we believe we have found one signature in Darvick's book that could be attributed to him. At this time we are working on getting opinions of others before publishing the questionable autograph.

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