Herman Darvick must think the readers of the site are as gulable as other places he posts his diatribes.

This site has posted illustrations of Herman Darvick forgeries that were forged in front of two professional autograph dealers both in business for over 40 years.  What this quarter wit foolishly does is to try and turn things around and blame the writer of the story to be the forger.

Read the story, the story starts he was at UACC shows forging autographs.  The story states he forged autographs and names just a few.

Darvick states he is a lifetime member of the UACC.

However Darvick forgets his own past emails!

These are Darvick's own words: "Showing someone what an  authentic autograph looks like is not a forgery...."  How many hours has Darvick spent at home practicing forging presidential autographs to state to collectors what he is doing is so good that his forgeries look authentic....  When the article was written this author was only aware of of Darvick forgeries of Lyndon B. Johnson, Jimmy Carter and Richard Nixon.

Again in a separate email Darvick writes:  Yes I would show collectors at UACC shows (this he agrees, shows in plural) how certain signatures looked such as Truman, Eisenhower, Kennedy, Johnson, Carter & Reagan ( he forgot to mention Nixon an original Nixon forgery by Darvick is illustrated in the other article) and I PROBABLY DID SO IN FRONT OF STEPHEN KOSCHAL".  As per the original article I stated Darvick forged in my presence and even let me have the originals.  Darvick stated using his forged LBJ reminding Lee Harvey Oswald of there deal that if I ever decided to sell it I could get a fortune.  Look into the mind of a person would would make such a statement and try to understand what they are capable of.

Darvick also claims in his rebuttal that he is a lifetime member of the UACC (not that is something to be proud of) but Darvick was banned from the UACC for 20 years for non payment and refusing to return merchandise to a collector (something  habitual to him).

I did some home work and called the person at the Miami News about an article published about me.  It was not to flattering but did create new business.  The author admitted that it was Herman Darvick who called, gave them the idea and the information for the story. The writer also stated that Darvick said if you need this to be backed you can call the UACC and ask for Al Wittnebert, he will confirm the information. (What a surprise)!

It is apparent that Herman Darvick never had the intention to make good on his reward.  The losers here are Herman Darvick being exposed as a "LIAR" and The Wounded Warriors Program or A Jewish Foundation that helps the Poor in Israel.

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