Most everyone in the autograph hobby has read about the notorious  autograph forger Herman Darvick of Rockville Centre, New York.

Darvick forging autographs has been witnessed by many in the hobby including this writer.  Finally Darvick has admitted, in writing, many of the forgeries he has executed.

Now, Darvick states he is not a liar.  He claims I am the only one who claims he is a liar.

Illustrated below is a portion of an email from a person well known in the hobby that he believes Darvick is a liar and a thief  He also lists how many fake autographs Darvick sold to a collector. Interesting one of the items was an Oliver Hardy.  A recent story  about Darvick selling another fake Laurel and Hardy was recently published on this site.

Here's  Herman Drvick outright making a statement against the UACC. He writes:  "One day the UACC will get back to its roots", Maybe there should be term limits for officers", At least one officer has been there too long (Wittnebert)" signed "Herman"

Now here's Herman Darvick stating in writing he never said the above.  "Koschal wrote Even as long as 2001 Darvick was saying 'maybe one day the UACC will get back to its roots. Maybe there should be term limits for officers. At least one officer has been there too long.'"  Herman goes on to say: "I never said that, not in those words or any words...."

When Dravick gets caught in a lie, he (above) always says "Koschal writes quotes of others he (Koschal) is the one making up the quotes..."   Darvick gets caught in on major lie and looks foolish trying to spin the facts.

Listed below is one Darvick lie. This time he goes after the UACC. big time.

Darvick has written on more than one occasion on a blog: "...why would I ever want to upset the UACC.....?"

The following email from Herman Darvick is to Stephen Koschal after Darvick finds out Koschal is writing a new book

Darvick writes: "....send me a copy of the proofs of the book when it's done.  I'll write something great for the book jacket which will really upset the UACC......If you don't want my comments, that's OK to, Just offering. Herman."

Obviously, I never accepted Herman Darvick's offer to print in my book something negative about the UACC.  The above should be enough written information to convince anyone that Herman Darvick is a liar.

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