Most collectors and sellers of autographs who entered this hobby in the last 20 years are most likely unfamiliar with the name Herman Darvick.  Former President of the fledging UACC he was banned from the club because of several serious ethics viiolations.  Keeping a women collectors items and not paying for others.  This was the beginning of the Darvick crime spree.This didn't stop Darvick's reign of corrupion within this hobby.  He started an autograph auction that sold many forgeries including a handful of Joe Jackson forged signatures. 

Personally he handled my autograph collection and for years owed me $200,000. I had to trace him down to the school in Brooklyn where he worked. He came out of the class room in tears telling me he had to use my money to put an addition onto his house. He said: "you don't know what it's like being married to a Jewish princess."  Items that diid not sell at the auction, Dravick held on to them for years. Thinking it was all forgotten about Darvick started selling my items, even books inscribed to me on eBay. 

Darvick is well know to old timers as "The Father of the Worthless COA."  Those who tried to return forged items were told his COA is useless as he is no longer in the business,  He still sells on eBay regularly.

Darvick's end came when I personaly proved he was a forger of autographs. This guy was dumb enough to forge in my presence and others thinking he was proving how good he though he was forging signautres of the Presidnts of the United States. Later on in writing he denied ever doing so and that I made up the story.  This lie ended when other dealers sent me original forgeries that Darvick did in front of them.  No place to hide, in writing Darvick finally admitted he was a forger.

 Darvick blames me for exposing his evil ways and exposing his long history of crime.  Trying to get even, Darvick called several newspapers trying to get a story written about me. He failed until he found a small local newpsper in Miami, Florida.  Darvick got hold of a reporter names Gus Garcia-Roberts and told him unbelieveable made up stories including that I am the creepiest man in the hobby. Darvick continued witth  awful fabricated stories and the reporter fell for it. Reason is Darvick said the reporter can confirm everything by just calling Al Wittnebert of the UACC. That was enough for the reporter. He fell for it.  When the story was printed, I called Gus Garcia-Roberts.

Roberts felt terrible about being duped by Darvick and told me what really happened.  This is how I know that Darvick called him with all the BS and that Darvick said the controversial Wittnebert would back the story.

End Of Story! 

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