Herman darvick is known in the Autograph Hobby/Business for many things.  It's near imopossible to find anything positive attached to his name.

Herman Darvick is known as "The Father of the Useless COA".

Herman Darvick after many years of denial has admitted, in writing, he forgers signatures of the presidents of the United States. He was even dumb enough to list the signatures he forgers.

Herman darvick is well known for selling the forged signatures of Joe Jackson for record amounts.

Herman Darvick refused to refund collectors monies for non genuine signatures he sold.

Herman Darvick has stolen items consigned to him, waited a few years and sold same on eBay.

Herman Darvick used consignors money from sold items to build an additional room on his house. His reason was "you don't know what it is like living with a Jewish princess."

A while back at a New York autograph show Stephen Koschal had a discussion with Herman Darvick.  Darvick was bragging how good he could imitate/forge the signature of Ronald Reagan and he did so in front of Stephen Koschal.  I asked Darvick if he knew that Reagan's mom signed thousands of items for her son.  He did not. I briefly explained some of the differences and told him I had a huge file on this subject.

With this little information given him, Darvick wrote a very short, can't even call it an article, that Reagan's mom signed for him.

When I had more time to put everything in order, as I had plans to write other books first, I along with two others published the book "Ronald Reagan and Nelle Reagan Autograph Mystery Uncovered".  This is not a one paragraph blob but a full size 8.5"x11" book with color covers, 70 pages in length with 89 illustrations.  

Darvick alongwith his sidekick Al Wittnebert wrote that the writings in my book "completely plagiarized" Darvick's handfull of lines.

They continue "a lawsuit is forthcoming."  I'm still waiting!  

When my book became available, Darvick attempted to purchase a copy from one of the authors. I still have his uncashed check.  After all, why give the admitted forger valuable information so he can perfect a signature he forges.

The following item was forged in front of me by Herman Darvick. He addressed it to "Lee" (Harvey Oswald). Dated Nov. 20, 1963 "we'll be in Dallas on Friday. Don't forget our deal! Lyndon B. Johnson."  Darvick said that if this got in the wrong hands it could fetch $10,000.  I think he was a bit off on his estimate.  Well this forgery is in good hands, i still have the original.






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