Herman Darvick the well known admitted forger of autographs and also known as "The Father of the Useless COA" is  making news once again.

Collectors are getting wise after trying to sell their autographs purchased from Herman Darvick.  Researching the name Herman Darvick confirms their suspicisions. 

I f you find that you have something in your collection that came from Herman Darvick and the autograph is suspect, give him a call and hear what he has said to many others.  "My COA"s are no longer valid as I am not in the autograph business anymore."

So being stuck with something not right he gets to lie to you as well. Just check him out on ebay and see how active he is. Look back and see items he stole from me, held them for a few years and sold items "inscribed to me" on eBay.

He has not only done this things to new customers  but has done so to personal friends, even those in his neighborhood.

In addition, should you have a print supposedly signed by Dali, Miro or Chagall that comes with a COA from Darvick, have it checked out by a professional autograph dealer. You may be surprised at the outcome.

Should you try to sell anything with a COA from Darvick you most likely will find that no professional autograph dealer will touch it.

Herman will tell you how great he is. He will say he was the president of the Universal Autograph Collector's Club.  What he won't tell you is that he was thrown out of the club for very serious ethic's vilations.  VERY SERIOUS!

For years he denied being a forger. The person climing he was a forger was attacked by Darvick.  Darvick knowing in his heart he forged the items that were submitted,  try to turn things around saying the accuser most likely forged the items. It wansn't until other dearlers who saw Darvick forge and came forward with his original scribbles that Darvick now backed into a corner and finally admitted  "in writing"  well maybe I did forge some items in front of so and so and so and so.

Here's another Darvick beauty. A collector purchased from Darvick an 8"x10" photo of Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig fishing.  Darvick stated it was signed by both.  Little while latter the colllector sold the photo to a delaer.  The dealer resold the photo for $10,000 to a collector.  The collector took the photo to one of those ABC high profile companies who claim to authenticate autohgraphs.   They failed both signatures saying they were forgeries.  Forgeries coming from Herman Darvick, how could that be?  The collector returend the photo to the dealer and got a $10,000 refund.   The dealer very upset with Darvick called him on the phone and explained the situation wanting a refund from Davick.  Darvick told the delaer in no uncertain terms did he ever  handle or sell the photograph.  The dealer stuck with this forgery then said, "Herman, it also comes with your COA."  The conversation abruptly ended.


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