Herman Darvick, the admitted forger of autographs, liar and thief has sold another forged autograph.  Darvick working out of Rockville Centre, N.Y. is well known in the autograph and sports industry for selling multiple forged signatures of Joe Jackson.  Of course Darvick refused on multiple occasions to submit the source of these autographs.  The full story can be read on www.haulsofshame.com. ; Darvick, once President of the Universal Autograph Collectors Club was expelled for multiple ethics violations.

The latest forgery discovered and attributed to the hand of Herman Darvick is of a large slip with according to Darvick was signed by Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy.  This was sold by Herman Darvick however Darvick claims his COA (Certificate of Authenticity) is not valid any more as he claims that he is no longer in the autograph business (FALSE).

See illustration below:

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  • Something must be going on with Hauls Of Shame, as their website isn't up anymore.  Looks like it's been taken down and or is for sale?

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