Herman Darvick after many years of denial has finally admitted to forging autographs of the Presidents of the United States beginning with Dwight D. Eisenhower.  Herman Darvick is the only Charter Member of the U.A.C.C. to be expelled from the club for ethics violations.

During the early 1980's while Darvick was President of the U.A.C.C. and I was voted by the membership to be one of their Directors, Darvick would forge autographs of the Presidents in front of me. He would show off and brag about how good he thought he was. 

At one New York U.A.C.C. show, Darvick sitting at a table, said to me he would write something very special for me.  He said,  if I ever needed money I could possibly get $100,00 to a quarter of a million dollars for it.  What could be worth that kind of money that he could produce?  This struck my curiosity as I couldn't imagine what he was talking about.  With a smirk on his face usually seen on the face of a con-man he started to write on a slip which he covered with one hand so I was not to see what he was writing.

When he finished he handed me the slip and said to keep it as a special gift from him.

Below is the slip of paper with the Herman Darvick original forgery

It reads: "11/20/63, Dear Lee (Harvey Oswald) We'll be in Dallas on Friday. Don't forget our deal! Lyndon B. Johnson."

Herman Darvick is still part of the autograph hobby, listing items on eBay and also listed as an "expert" for Political/Historical autographs for one of the high profile companies who claim they can authenticate autographs.


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  • Stephen Koschal is a liar. I never forged anything in my life. All the forgeries that he has posted, I believe, were forged by Stephen Koschal.

  • Jeffects:  I too have been wondering what is going on with Epperson.  He sure got quiet for a guy that loved to run his mouth so much at one time.  From what I can tell, we should start seeing him soon.  It would appear that he has a lot of court activities coming up in the next few weeks to months.

    Roger has 2 trials coming up.  One in April and one in September.

    Roger, being the "BIG MAN" that he likes to tell everybody he is, is trying to avoid being deposed, STILL!!!  Sadly (FOR HIM) he can't, he will be deposed, it WILL be recorded and we all will get to see it.

    If you saw BOB EATON, wait until you see ROGER EPPERSON!

    Ask yourself:  If you have nothing to hide, why is oneself (Roger) doing so much to NOT be asked questions? 

    Those that go out of their way to hide, usually have the most to hide. This should be interesting.

    The case sat for close to 3 years, and there is a time limit, so one way or another something will happen on it.

  • Another thought about Herman Darvick. Last time I saw him at a New Jersey sports show I demanded the few cartons of books he never returned to me after his auctions failed.  He said he would ship them to me when school was out. Next thing I saw was this poor excuse of a human being selling books on eBay inscribed to me.  

  • The LBJ forgery by Herman Darvick looks like a five year old wrote it.  He giggled while doing this in front of me and was so proud that he thought he did such a good job gave it to me as a souvenir, I still have the original.  Thinking he was showing off he forged the signatures of other presidents in front of me and others. I still have those originals. After his forging some signatures in his children's book he later denied for year he was a forger. Others came out with forgeries he did for them and submitted them to me for my files. The pressure on Darvick was huge and finally he came out and admitted he did those forgeries and was dumb enough to list other presidents he forged that I was not aware of.

    Last I heard Herman Darvick has a desk in the office of John Reznikoff and has been working for him for a few years now.   You can't make this stuff up!

    As for Roger Epperson, you will probably read all about it after his trial date in September.

  • Hi Stephen,

    I realize this thread is pretty old, but I'm just seeing it now.  I am a novice and you guys know a lot more, but would you ever authenticate this?  I can't imagine.

    It seems slow and jerky, bad flow.  It looks drawn to me, deliberate.  It even looks like the pen stops at the end of letters thinking about the next move.

    It seems obvious to me, regardless of the laughable content.  But today, how would you guys judge it?

    But of course we have had people so stupid as to buy into Reznikoffs Kennedy forgeries.  I can't imagine Marilyn sending him such incriminating letters and signing her full name, and him as well.

    Perhaps a fake name or an "M" would suffice. Ha, at lease she didn't include her license number.  What do you think of that fiasco?  Also, if you can update the lawsuits, I have trouble finding info.  particularly Epperson.



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