If you sell or have to sell a high end quality autographed item you may already know the name Gary Zimit. If so, no need to read on as you are well aware of his reputation over many years.  This game of his, listed below, is not as bad as others he has pulled off. We do have a file of specifics.  One is so very terrible and costly.  An extremely wealthy woman who has a large collection of items signed by George Washington is embarrassed that she allowed this man to come into her home in Trenton, New Jersey.  She requested that she could not sue him because  her high society friends and neighbors would hear about it. Her last name is a household word. 

Gary Zimit put the screws to a dealer years ago and was hoping that dealer  would forget the expensive incident that went very wrong.  Zimit had the nerve to see if he could beat the dealer after many years gone by. Zimit ordered an expensive autographed item for over $2,300.

He was told to send payment first. Zimit called many times  harrassing an office girl asking in a corse voice "did my check arrive?"  He called daily until he got the girl to say his check arrived. Zimit demanded thet the item be sent that day, overnight.  The package was wrapped but spottted by the owner of the dealership.  The owner said "don't mail that guy anything till his check clears, I am well aware of his relationship with others."  Zimit called the next day to get a tracking number and was told the item did not go in the mail. Zimit, now furious, harrassed the office girl to a point she startedt to cry.  A few days later Zimit was told his check did not clear.   Insufficient Funds and a cost to the dealer of $12.00.  See below:

Zimit stated that his deposit probably did not clear in time to cover the check. He said he would send out a duplicqte check.  Same as above with his nasty phone calls "did my check arrive?"  He called again on the day the check arived and same old gimmic, he demanded "put the item in the mail today."   His words to he girl was harsh, to say the least, and she compained once again to the boss.  As expected from experience and the experience of many others, the second check did not clear. See below


Cost to the dealer another $12.00 plus a very umset office girl.    Aditional cost to the dealer, the girl quit her job after four years!

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