FORGERY ALERT!  EAST COAST!  RR AUCTIONS is selling items from the lawsuit they had with a collector.


RR Auction's has a lot of very questionable material up for sale right now.

The Marvels of modern music auction has many items that were part of a huge autograph forgery lawsuit of recent times.


From what we can tell, items that were involved in this lawsuit, all come with COA/LOA's from Roger Epperson's REAL AND also have full letters from BECKETT.  What is interesting about this is, Steve Grad was the man that looked and FAILED all the itmes while working for PSA/DNA.  His signature was at the bottom of all the rejection letters.  In his video deposition he stated "if I signed the letter, that means that I was the one that looked at the item"

So Grad, failed all these items and now some 10 years later has given them all the A-OK with FULL BECKETT LETTERS OF AUTHENTICITY!


Another area of interest is that these items actually COME WITH these 2 COA/LOA's.  While other items in this auction you have to pay anywhere from $50.00 to $500.00 PER COMPANY and PER LETTER that you want.

RR Auctions by their behavior are saying the Roger Epperson REAL COA means nothing... HERE along with that paper, we are giving you ANOTHER one. (one by the same man that said all these items were NOT AUTHENTIC/FORGERY'S)

NONE of the other items in the auction have this, only item's that were involved in the lawsuit. (from what can be seen so far)

How can Steve Grad say that these items were bad, and now say they are good?  What changed in the years since he last saw them?  What's the difference between then and now?


The lawsuit seems to have "went away" and the website that had all of the information is long gone. (the info on the lawsuits and most of the items involved in it can still be found here on Autograph Planet however)

For those that may have forgotten, RR Auctions sold hundreds of items to a buyer over the years.  He then took a bunch of random items (without the auction house COA/LOA) and sent the items to PSA/DNA, all failed.... he did it again, with another group of items, and again all items failed.  He then tried to find out what was going on, as the items all came from a man that had his signature on the bottom of PSA/DNA's LOA/COA's, (Bob Eaton)once that was told to them, his next batch of items (smaller group of items) came back as NOW AUTHENTIC!

A lawsuit then came out of this experience and from the looks of things this auction house now is in possession of all the items that previously FAILED PSA/DNA process.

There were also a number of items that came from Roger Epperson, and his company REAL, and those items as well failed PSA/DNA's inspection.  These items all carry Roger's COA, but failed PSA/DNA, and Roger who used to work for the company will NOT HONOR PSA's OPINION on items.  He also refused to give refunds based on their rejection letters.  A major lawsuit over this came to be also.  Court records indicate that that case just ran out. It appears from what was filed with the courts the person that filed the lawsuit against Roger, never showed up to court to continue his fight and the case was dismissed. (however at any time the case can be re-opened at a later date)


It seems that all the items that were involved in this major lawsuit, were deemed "NOT AUTHENTIC and or FORGERY'S" by PSA/DNA (letters were signed by Steve Grad) are now all being sold as if there has never been a issue with them through RR Auctions!!!  There is NO MENTION that these items were failed by Steve Grad when he woked at PSA/DNA.


There were numerouse posts recently about these highly questionable items on numerous online forums, only all posts related to this have been taken down and or removed.  It is autograph news, and warrants a discussion.

How can RR Auctions sell items that they know failed 3rd party authentication before? 

HOW can they knowingly put these out into the market?  Where is the intergity? Where is their standards?  Do they only care about making a dollar?

This behavior is truly despicable of a major auction house!  TOTALLY UNBELIEVABLE if we are  being honest!


More to be posted....STAY TUNED!!!


Emails and phone calls to administrator of propaganda for RR AUCTIONS, Bobby Livingstone have gone unanswered to this point.  He could still be posing for photos like this, who knows...


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  • It looks like they changed the name of the auction?  Just "MUSIC" now????

    I see they themselves have not faith in Roger Epperson and his company REAL.  Every item that had his ISSUED COA/LOA, came with 2 additional COA/LOA's. (The Auction house's RR, and Beckett)

    What is funny is that all those items were failed by Grad, while he worked at PSA/DNA.  Now as a member of Beckett he clears them?

    How corrupt is all of this?  WOW!

  • How sick!

    Is is something that even the auction house that uses Epperson, has no faith in him.  All those items all carry a additional COA/LOA. 

    I'm willing to wager a guess that this is RR Auctions attempt at throwing major shade on Steve Grad.

    He failed all the items while working at PSA/DNA, and now as a member of Beckett, he passes them?

    Something is off about all of this.  This is another example of "it doesn't have to be real, it just has to be AUTHENTICATED as it"


    I was talking to some people about this, and one person said he had posted about it somewhere, and the site admin contacted him and asked him to NOT discuss any of the questionable material related to the auction.  Sounds like a lot of people are hoping that nobody notices what is going on.

    It's sad about the lawsuit, and from the looks, RR must have lost or settled and had to re-take posession of the questionable items.  It comes down to who's opinion do you trust at this point?

    I know that anything with those 2 and really when you get down to it, each of these items come with 3 COA/LOA.  RR Auctions, Roger's and Beckett.  I wouldn't want any of these itmes.  They have to be considered tainted.

    I agree, where's the integerity when it comes to re-seling these?

    What a sad state this hobby is.

  • Can't believe Roger Epperson is still in this hobby.  He was banned from Florida autgraph shows for selling forgeries. Customers wanted refunds. Epperson eventually admitted in writing that he bought many forgeries from a Texas forger.  If he's buying forgeries how is he an expert on musical autographs?  The answer seems obvious. It took a few years to get him to admit he bought forgeries.  Recent problems with Epperson's authentications and MORE proves he is not even close to being an exppert.  Epperson can be used to get a Certificate on questionable items, this probably keeps him in business. He is promoted by a very few who have their own serious problems.  He is an authenticator along with PSA for the same company. Epperson passes the items and PSA fails the same items. Both are working for the same outfit, to avoid admitting his mistakes and refunding money Epperson will not accept the opinion of PSA. What an embarrassment and insult to the autograph community. I know I wasn't asked but if anyone has something with a COA from Roger Ellpperson (goes by Real) I would have that item checked out by a professional authenticator.

  • I understand that the video deposotions that were up on the website and were available on youtube, have been saved prior to them being taken down.

    The video's at this time can not be put back online, but the transcripts of the video's can be put up.  That is being worked on and has been for a while now and hopefully those transcrips will be put up shortly.


    stay tuned...

This reply was deleted.