Ernest Hemingway- A New Rash of Forgeries

Recently in the last two-three months, I have received several items for authentication thought by the submitters to be items signed by Ernest Hemingway.

Nothing can be further than the truth! My opinion is that the items bearing signatures of Ernest Hemingway were some of the worst forgeries of his signature I have seen in 50 years.

There are quite a few example but I will illustrate two very poorly executed signatures of Ernest Hemingway with one bearing a forged signature of Fidel Castro as well.

The first, illustrated below, is a book To Have And Have Not.  It bears a horrible forgery of the signature of Ernest Hemingway dated 1937, New York on the half title page.

The second is much more interesting as this forgery has passed through the hands of more than one dealer/auction house who submitted this item to me for authentication.  In my opinion, the signatures of both Hemingway and Fidel Castro are both forgeries.  See below.

Most interesting is that the owner of this forgery submitted this item to be placed in an auction. The auction house sent this item to me for authentication. They were issued a Certificate of examination stating both signatures in my opinion are forgeries.  The item was returned to the owner.  A month an d  half later, this same item was sent to me for authentication by a different auction house.  Bear in mind the owner was already told the signatures were not genuine and he is still trying to pass this off.  The second auction house got the same response, NOT GENUINE.

There are many items like this all coming out from a person in Bonsall, California who has a very shady and documented presence dealing with autographs in the past.  This same individual purchased an old baseball mitt for $750. on ebay in January 2012. miraculously a Babe Ruth signature later appeared on the mitt and this individual sold the mitt for $200,000.


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