No, you are not seeing double. These are two separate 4"x6" cards that originate from the same long time U.S. seller of autographs.  These cards bear a two word sentiment and signature of Elvis Presley on the un-lined side of the card.

I would appreciate your comments from those who read this web site and are familiar with signatures of Elvis Presley.

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  • Correct, he is one of the most forged signatures in modern day music.  Good observation about the mis-spelling!

    Would like to hear from others, as well.

  • Just a question on Elvis.  My understanding with him is, he was usually drunk, or high or something, so don't you have to take that into account when grading his signature?  Even if he was stone cold sober, he could be signing and be bumped in the arm, hence the sharp cutback on the first one. (as a example)

    Just something to put out there.  He's one of the most faked autograph's of all time, and the above two seem to have misspelled his name. (or is that just me, I do suffer from dyslexic)

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