Elvis and his hair, is it real?

Saw this up for auction and thought it would be a good point of interest to talk about.

Elvis Hair

Now this comes with 3 different letters, one being a letter from John Reznikoff of University Archives.

Was not most of the elvis hair that was sold and is being sold from him proved to be fake?

Why would this auction house offer it?


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  • “Consumers might be lured to the auction market for sports memorabilia and other collectibles by an emotional attachment to an item or purely as a calculated investment, but, as the allegations in this case demonstrate, bidders must remain mindful of the maxim ‘Buyer Beware,’ ” said Acting United States Attorney for the Northern District of Illinois Gary S. Shapiro in a statement. “Consumers have a right to be protected from deceptive and dishonest sales practices, and we will prosecute those who fraudulently rig auctions at the expense of bidders as the indictment alleges in this case.”

    Among the findings between 2001 and 2009 was an alleged misrepresentation of the authenticity of Elvis Presley’s hair.

    According to the FBI release, in April 2003, Mastro Auctions sold hair purportedly off Presley's head.

    The buyers returned the hair with the results of DNA testing, which called its authenticity into question. In June 2004, Allen (Of Mastro's) refunded the money.

    In December 2005, August 2006, April 2007, and August 2008, Allen again sold portions of the fake Presley strands. Each time, he allegedly made false representations in catalogs calling the King's hair "bona fide" or sold with "documents attesting to the veracity" without disclosing the results of the DNA testing.

  • Well would you look at that, they took out the mention that this sold at Mastro's before.

    This auction house is hiding something.  Why pull out the mention that this sold at Mastro's???  Because it was found that the hair was fake??

    Unreal what some of these people will do...

    It sure is a buyer beware market!

  • Strugglin' with these tax forms! Is my Elvis wig deductible if I'm using it for buisness? State of california is trying to get every penny from us poor folk. Seems some wealthy california residents aren't paying what their supposed to.
  • What is interesting with this item is, that it comes from Mastro's.  According to Reznikoff's COA with this item, it was first offered through them.

    Mastro's is no longer in business and the owner is headed to prison, for shill bidding, wire fraud, etc..etc.  Why would this auction house sell a item from a tainted auction house?

    The hair from Elvis, that has come from Reznikoff of University Archives to my knowledge has been deemed "not real".  The current bid for this is just under 25 grand!

    Guess I am missing something...

  • I bid and won 12 of them Elvis hair auctions.

    Made myself a toupe!
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