Donald J. Trump Autographs - Beware

Day after election I clicked on eBay and typed in "Donald Trump signed".  Eight hundred and forty signed items appeared.

Now I've met Donald Trump several times/  I make it a point to talk to those in the crowd that got his autograph.  I know his "in person" autograph well, even the variations. What I find interesting is when I see someone who obtained his autograph at an event, I always ask them if they want to sell it.  Not once would anyone want to sell the treasure they just received. In every case most of the responses are the similar, "I'll never forgot this moment" or "this is so personal it will stay in my family forever". This is months and weeks before we knew he would be elected president.  So what is the source of all these "quickly signed' items" that are found on eBay.  Everything you can imagine is being offered on ebay. Golf balls, baseballs, boxing gloves (I never saw anyone at a Trump event bringing in a boxing glove) Yankee jersey's, currency, U.S. Open Flags and so much more.  Funny, 95% of the items actually being signed at events seem to be his Trump/Pence Make America Great Again signs. These you don't see on eBay.

I examined the 840 items being offered and in my opinion 687 of them I would not want in my collection. Remarkable, some of the worst looking signed items were those slabbed by high profile companies who claim they can authenticate autographs.

Warning!  Know who you are buying from and rarely believe the wonderful story that comes with the autograph. My experience has been the more believable the story the least chance that the  signature will be genuine! 

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  • There are 2 photos below Steve, one is color, one is black and white, with the autopenned part of the email circled.  They had odd amounts, like $183.00, the books were around the same amount.

  • I didn't get a second photo on here....also did it say what contribution was needed to receive a Hat?

  • I found these:  2nd photo clearly shows that the item comes AUTOPENNED! 

    The "ART OF THE DEAL" books had the same email with the same message.

  • This is turning into a fabulous discussion. Keep the information coming it's beginning to be quite an education. Let's focus on the machine signed signatures, the hundreds of forgeries could be next!

  • How about $3,000 for a fake sig:

    or $5,000:

    Over $2,000 has changed hands on these the last couple of weeks with prices predictably spiking in the last three days. I would be curious to know who any of these sellers are, not by ebay ID, but by real name.

  • Here are some of the auto-penned hats:

    Notice the same location, on all the hats.

    White hat-$899.99 Auto-penned

    White hat-$499.99 Auto-penned

    Up for bids White hat-Auto-penned, with the campaign paperwork

    White hat-$549.99 auto-penned

    White hat with paperwork-$1250.00 AUTO-PENNED

    White hat- $699.99 BIT $1500.00! for a AUTO PENNED HAT!

    Red hat-$399.99 bidding-auto-penned

    There are many more, these are easier to see, as they are all EXACTLY in the same area on each hat, and signed the same.  NO variance at all, not even a stitch up or down... Pretty convenient right?  (the material was auto-penned first, then made into the bill of the hats)

  • It is not IF the AUTO pen story is true, i'm telling you it IS, it's in his email's!

    And as you can see, there they are!  This seller has 2: The art of the deal, auto-penned $1500 each

    Another only $499

    Another $597.49 looks different then others

    This shows the campaign page 1 of 3 $999.00

    another, $999.99

    i'm bored, type in on ebay, "Donald Trump The Art of the Deal, 2016 Election edition there are about 30 on ebay right now, with different bookplates, as he did 3 or 4 press runs with these so I think each one came with a different bookplate.

    Just type it in and you'll see them.

  • Found one.The different pen tip widths and slightly different placements on the bookplates mean these aren't printed. There are many of these being offered right now at $300 and up.

  • My suggestion to those that want a Trump would be to wait at least a year. 1) If the autopen story is accurate, it will give those that study these things time to discover the pattern or patterns. 2) Prices always spike after an unexpected event, and I think this counts. Death is a prime example. When Dale Earnhardt, Sr died, I watched people paying over $1,000 for a signed photo the following week. Now they're less than a hundred bucks. The news and attention will continue through Inauguration Day and in the early weeks and months of the new administration. Gradually, the noise will fade and prices will fall just like they did for Obama's scrawl.

    I, too, would like to see examples of Trump's autopen pattern(s) and, if I find any, I will post them here.

  • Besides myself, others as well, would like to see some of those confirmed Autopen signatures.

    If you have access to an Trump Autopen signature, please illustrate them on Autographplanet as an educational tool/

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