Donald J. Trump Autographs - Beware

Day after election I clicked on eBay and typed in "Donald Trump signed".  Eight hundred and forty signed items appeared.

Now I've met Donald Trump several times/  I make it a point to talk to those in the crowd that got his autograph.  I know his "in person" autograph well, even the variations. What I find interesting is when I see someone who obtained his autograph at an event, I always ask them if they want to sell it.  Not once would anyone want to sell the treasure they just received. In every case most of the responses are the similar, "I'll never forgot this moment" or "this is so personal it will stay in my family forever". This is months and weeks before we knew he would be elected president.  So what is the source of all these "quickly signed' items" that are found on eBay.  Everything you can imagine is being offered on ebay. Golf balls, baseballs, boxing gloves (I never saw anyone at a Trump event bringing in a boxing glove) Yankee jersey's, currency, U.S. Open Flags and so much more.  Funny, 95% of the items actually being signed at events seem to be his Trump/Pence Make America Great Again signs. These you don't see on eBay.

I examined the 840 items being offered and in my opinion 687 of them I would not want in my collection. Remarkable, some of the worst looking signed items were those slabbed by high profile companies who claim they can authenticate autographs.

Warning!  Know who you are buying from and rarely believe the wonderful story that comes with the autograph. My experience has been the more believable the story the least chance that the  signature will be genuine! 

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  • Autopenned items are bad enough but wait till you see what's being done with his signature.  I'm working on writing a story about this problem but don't want to give away too much in advance.

    The story will be published in the journal of the International Autograph Society based in Germany. I usually write at least one to two stories for each club magazine.  I'll see if I can publish the story here as well.

  • I contacted most of the seller of the hats, included the photo of the hat and the email where it stated it was a AUTOPENNED Signature.   I did the same with some of the book people.  Most did the same thing to me, but when you show the photo where it states BOOK IS AUTOPENNED whatever they have to say back is mute...

    They know what they are doing is wrong, and EBAY does nothing to stop it.  That's the true crime!

  • Update: Quasi sellers of Trump "signed" hats and books with "signed" bookplates all bearing a machine signed signatures.

    I contacted about 12-15 sellers of these type items on eBay with a detailed account of how they were selling a machine signed item.  Only one person thanked me. ONE!  The others, some of them sending back a foul message "mind your own business" or "I bought three of them and the bookplates all have different signatures" one arrogant fellow stated he is a member of some Republican so and so club and bought several of them and watched Trump personally sign the one on ebay as well as the others he has for sale. After another exchange of emails he said he had pictures of Trump signing the bookplates of course he didn't back that up as it's impossible as they are machine signed and identical.  Another fellow argued with me how a different pen was used on his bookplates, some were fine tipped others were wide tipped pen.  I went into detail about the Autopen, I actually had one on display at one of my New York shows. The representative from the Autopen Company made sure that everyone who attended the informative class got a John Hancock signature signed with a ball point pen.  As far as the pens used to sign the bookplates in the Trump books, a new pen wrote a fine thin signature.  After a few hundred signatures the nib of the pen would flatten and the signature is wider. The pen is changed and the next signatures will be thin again.  The quasi sellers on eBay feel the fine point signature and the wider ones are different signatures.

    The last person I emailed (he was quite nasty) but reduced his book from $999 down to $500.

    There are numerous sellers of autographs today in the U.S. but only a few dozen or so legitimate autograph dealers. 

  • HA HA!  I guess so, I guess so!

    I told the campaign that they were going to cause a "shit storm" with the auto penned!  Especially at that price, people are thinking they are getting a real autograph.  If it was a smaller donation I think they all would have known, but by making it a higher amount, and then hiding it in the "finest of fine print" was not smart.

    Again, I warned them ahead of time...

  • I sent photos of it to P.A.A.S. earlier, and their online ($7) analysis said it's likely to pass authentication, but I decided to go with PSA/DNA just to be safe.

    But I agree, I should have done more investigation beforehand. I collect political Halloween masks, and got carried away when I saw one that was autographed. Lol I have seen a couple more that were on other auction sites that look different than this one. The autograph just doesn't look as messy as most, which makes me concerned.

    The seller told me that she wasn't able to get pics, because the scene was "chaotic", but that it was signed at the Ocala, Florida rally on October 12th.
  • Hi Jonathan.  I can tell you at the 3 events here in Indiana nothing like that was allowed in the buildings Trump gave his speech's at.  I saw them in the trash as I entered. 

    Also, you can go to YouTube and watch the event, FF to the end, and watch him signing autographs.  like here, you'll see him signing hats, shirts, books and rally signs.  (If you can get any of the TV's station's footage that's the best as they were at a better angel and you can see more)  Here he signed for 20-25 people as the detail keep moving him down the line at a good clip.

    I would also suggest that you look into a item BEFORE you buy, but you do have protection with PAYPAL.

    Talk it over with the seller, they should have some sort of photo to prove they were there or even that close to Trump, even as he walked down or away form them.

    (I would think)

    Just my opinion of course.


    I won this Donald Trump mask on Ebay. I've sent it off for authentication, but would be interested in any feedback.
  • It's not surprising that TRUMP has his own auto-penning machine.  He wants to keep his own planes for in place of AIR FORCE ONE, he feels they are more secure then the current planes.  His planes are more recent, but as far as security measures, it was not gotten into.  He mentioned that he would like to travel on his plane and then anybody else that wants to follow, the press and the staff, etc, could follow in AF1.

    He has already also said he will not be taking a salary as acting president. That the $400K yearly amount would go to more pressing matters.  A president hasn't passed on taking their salary since John F Kennedy and Herbert Hoover.  By law he will have to take at least $1.00, so that's what he will take.  He will also not be taking vacations like Obama did.  "Too much to be done"

  • yeah, under two hundred dollars, but autopenned. i see them on ebay already. any book that says election edition and has that very dark, uniform signature is the autopen. Hats have them on the brim and very dark and neat looking. people are getting fooled.

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