Has the Burris Estate seen this article on Steve Cyrkin's website???

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In an interview at RR Auction’s Boston office, Eaton denied the claims made on the website and said they have probably caused hundreds of thousands of dollars in damage to the business he started in 1976. The deceased worker killed herself soon after RR Auction filed a lawsuit accusing her of embezzling at least $111,000. The case was settled, with the worker’s estate paying RR Auction.

Does this violate any confidentiality or non-disparaging agreement RR Auctions had with the Burris Estate?

Was Mrs. Burris ever formally charged with embezzlement?

Was she ever arrested for the crime of embezzlement?

Was she every convicted by a jury of embezzlement?

Was Mrs. Burris ever sentenced by a court for embezzlement?

The answer for all of these questions is of course, no.


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  • I have, in hand, a digital copy of the sworn statement of Karen Buris.  I found it to be scary.  Autographs are suposed to be a hobby. What kind of hobby includes threats of violence and fraud.  I  wish more information were available on this.  I wish the authorities had investaged her claims. This is an old thread , which I realize. 

  • Song is a joke..., hurt my throat to ding like this, just a little warning what happens if you dig too deep !

  • Mr. Burris I am sorry for your loss.  Do you know if these 5 boxes of paperwork will be put up on the net?  It would be nice they they got their own website.

  • Dear Autograph Planet Members

    On March 16, 2015 Bobby Livingston, Chief Marketing Officer for RR Auction, and the nephew of Bob Eaton, created a website called, “RR Auction Lawsuit Facts” (www.rrauctionlawsuitfacts.com) to disperse RR’s version of events and claims in their lawsuit with Mr. Johnson (Johnson v. RRAuction). The Burris’s are ancillary parties to that lawsuit and have no direct involvement with any of the claims or interests in the likely outcomes in that particular lawsuit. However, in the RR Auction/ Livingston website mentioned above, RR made many, many statements “as fact” and “as opinion” many which are likely to be libelous, defamatory, and salacious about former RR key employee, the late Karen Burris, and her husband William.

    For the record, in August of 2008, RR Auction’s attorneys approached the attorneys representing Mr. Burris (personally) and Mr. Burris (as Administrator of Mrs. Burris’ Estate) with an unsolicited settlement offer. Reluctantly, but under advise of his attorneys to “buy the peace” (Mr. Eaton’s term), Mr. Burris agreed to accept the Eaton offer and accordingly in September of 2008 the Parties signed a Mutual General Release and Settlement Agreement.

    Shortly after Mr. Livingston’s creation of the website to promote RR Auction’s side of their story as defendants in the Johnson v. RR Auction Lawsuit in March 2015, RR Auction/Mr. Livingston took down the website, most likely because of those salacious and defamatory statements, not to mention the likely Breach of Contract, and specifically the “Non-disparagement” clauses and “no judgment / no admission” clauses contained therein.

    If any member of this community happened to have saved and/or printed out hard copies of all the pages and attachments this RR Auction / Bobby Livingston website prior to it being shut down by the site’s owners, the attorneys for Mr. Burris / The Kay Burris Estate would like to be in touch with those documents. You may “private message” Mr. Burris through his account on this site, via “The Truth”. The Burris parties thank you in advance.


    William Burris

  • William Burris's video depositon will be on the RR Auction Lawsuit page soon, can be found here:

    William Burris husband of Karen Burris

  • Cyrkin moved in and deleted Carlos for not being nice.

    What a joke AML has become

  • I agree!  HUGE!!!!

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  • p.s.  No, we have not seen anything on Mr. Cyrkin's site, simply because none of our members subscribe to anything to do with that site.  During her position with R&R as Bob Eaton's "right hand go-to gal" (Bob Eaton's words, not mine) Kay made if abundantly clear to us of Steve Cyrkin's reputation as a "joke" WITHIN R&R and that he wasn't an authority on anything BUT bull...t but that "he could be used." Consequently, Kay's surviving family members have no interest in whatever his site says because he (Cyrkin) was an "authority on absolutely nothing" according to the inside scoop at R&R, per Kay.

  • Hello Community Members:  On behalf of Kay and her children and estate, of course we are consulting our attorneys as we believe (under advisement) that the terms of the Mutual General Release and Settlement Agreement reached in August 2008 and signed by Mr. Eaton and Mrs. Burris' Estate, have been violated.

    In response to the questions asked above, this is to confirm "No" to each and every one of them.  In addition, let it be publically known herewith that never on even one single occasion, was Mr. Burris ever questioned - formally or informally - by the Amherst Police Department with respects to their official investigation of the allegations of Mrs. Burris by R&R.  Amherst Police Detective (now Police Chief) Mark Reams, the officer in charge of the investigation at the time, will confirm this fact.  Mr. Burris was never questioned and in fact the police investigation of him was dropped "without merit".

    Furthermore, if one is keeping up with all of R&R propaganda, those of us officially involved keep wondering why R&R representatives keep giving conflicting amounts of the monies Mrs. Burris was (only) accused of stealing.

    Also for public consumption herewith, is that as a part of the Johnson Lawsuit, five boxes of R&R Financial & Company records which were subpoenaed by the Burris attorneys in 2008 in their aggressive defense of themselves against R&R allegations, were subsequently subpoenaed and provided to Mr. Johnson's attorneys for use in that case.  Mr. Burris was also subpoenaed to appear and was deposed in that case.  That deposition was also videotaped.


    Bill Burris

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