Did Joe Biden Attempt to Steal a Rare Holy Bible?


Ben Shapiro of the Ben Shapiro Show recently called Joe Biden “extroardinarily dishonest.”


Many in this hobby are aware of the Koschal Holy Bible.  It is a 1914 Holy Bible that has been signed by many Presidents of the United States, starting with Herbert Hoover and Harry Truman. In addition many of the United States Vice-Presidents and First Ladies have also signed this Bible.

Lacking was Joe Biden’s signature in the Bible.

A very close friend of mine sent a copy of Joe Biden’s book  Promises To Keep with the hopes of getting it signed.  Remarkably, it was returned in 10 days with a fabulous lengthy sixteen line inscription.

Knowing that the book was sent to Joe Biden’s home I felt the time was right to send him the Holy Bible requesting he sign it.  This was done on September 25, 2017.  Enclosed with the Holy Bible was a full page letter listing a history of the Bible and the signatures of the notables who have signed it.


                                  Proof of mailing The Holy Bible

Three months had passed with no word from Joe Biden. On December 19, 2017, I sent Biden a reminder of him receiving the Holy Bible and that I needed it back in time for Christmas.

No response!

I waited until January 22, 2018 and sent via Certified mail, another reminder.  This was now my third request. I reminded him that the Bible was sent to him with a priority box addressed and stamped for its return.

The next day, being quite upset, I sent Biden another letter stating that “I assume you have decided to keep my precious Bible. It is for that reason I intend to contact an attorney and start a lawsuit. I will also begin to contact Megan Brennen, Postmaster of the United States, the Police Department in Wilmington, Delaware, the State police and Dorita C. Maher of the Wilmington Post Office.  I will start this process on the 15th of February.”

The above four letters were mailed to Joe Biden’s home in Wilmington, Delaware.

The last letter was enough to get Joe Biden to react.  On February 21, 2018, he returned the Holy Bible, simply signed.

 3044116108?profile=RESIZE_710x                    Joe Biden finally returning the Holy Bible from his DC address

 Enclosed was a letter of apology from Joe Biden on his letterhead (unsigned). The letter and Holy Bible was returned from his office, 701 Penn Ave. NW Suite 700, Washington, DC. 20004.



                       Letter of apology from former Vice-President Joe Biden




                                        Page signed by Joe Biden


The signature above Joe Biden’s is of Cardinal Timothy Dolan of New York, who was called to Rome as he was on the short list of being Pope.


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