Each year whoever wins the Heisman Trophy award has thousands of autographs either authenticated by PSA/DNA or JSA flood the market shortly after they win the award.  Yet it's an NCAA rule that no athlete can sign for money.  The NCAA typically investigates these claims and last year Jameis Winston was cleared when it was discovered that three different handwriting styles forged thousands of his signatures authenticated by high profile authentication companies.  It seems like a pretty easy scam to sell thousands of autographs of a Heisman Trophy winner because Heisman Trophy winners are in high demand and highly collectible.  All someone would have to do is forge thousands of autographs and have them certified.  The college player isn't likely to prosecute as they have no money in college.  Seems like an easy target and free money to be the first to offer these.  Since there is no regulation in the autograph industry both the forger and authenticators of the forgeries get away with this. 

Of course, these many items could be authentic but it seems highly unlikely.  Nobody knew Derrick Henry would win the Heisman trophy until Saturday, December 12th when it was announced.  For those counting that was (4 days ago or less than 96 hours ago).  So how did he sign all these in the past 4 days and how were they certified by PSA & JSA so quickly?  The mail isn't that fast?  Who would have all these prior to him winning the Heisman Trophy?  I suppose it's all possible but something smells.  What do you all think?


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  • I just sold my Lebron auto. I'm not a huge fan and he won't ever amount to what Jordan or Kobe did! I pulled it from a pack of upper deck sp authentic. His signature was made up of numbers and stuff but at least it wasn't just a scriiggle.
  • Thank god everyone I want an autograph from doesn't do this! Just plain crappy sums it up for me.
  • I just saw this.  I thought it was odd that these company's or anybody would have any type of hand writing to base and or compare any of the college players so fast.

    The problem also is, the signatures are scribbles, nobody signs a name anymore.  For example, look at the USC Trojans Heisman Winners, they did a huge lithograph with the first 4, Charles White, Mike G, OJ, and Marcus.  You can read each name.  Each player writes out their name.  The only one that really started to ver from that was Marcus, and he was the last one, but still you can tell that it's Marcus Allen.  Not a line with a number like some of these players do.  Very few players actually sign names, how these company's "authenticate" some is beyond me.

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