Charles Schulz Home Destroyed By Fire

Charles Schulz may be the most famous cartoonist of all time. Sparky as he was called by his friends was a friend of mine and also of all autograph collectors worldwide.  Anything signed by Charles Schulz is treasured by autograph collectors.  Santa Rosa, California is the hometown of the Peanuts gang.

His home, One Snoopy Place, was a beautiful estate that basically could not be seen from the front street. A long driveway led up to his home.

Steve Koschal visiting the Charles Schulz home.

The raging California wild fires caused his widow Jean Schulz to flee the home as the fires were burning  much of Santa Rosa.

The home, office, workshop, study and Charles Schulz's drawing table was completely destroyed. At this time it is unknown how much of original artwork is also destroyed.  It is believed that most of the Schulz collection of original comic strips and memorabilia remains untouched at the Charles Schulz Museum.

Jean Schulz is well known for seeking out the forgers of Charles Schulz autographs. She has been successful in removing many forged signatures and artwork from ebay.  Jean has contacted Steve Koschal on several occasions regarding updating her on forgers of Charles Schulz autographs and on certain styles and templates individual forgers utilize.

Our prayers go out to Jean Schulz and her family.

Below, Pat Claren paying her respects to Charles Schulz.


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