Bruce Springsteen is nearing the end of a very short, 8-city book tour. We in the Northwest were lucky enough to get two appearances: One in Seattle at Elliott Bay Books on 10/1/16 and one at Powell's Books in Portland, OR the following Tuesday on 10/4/16. Unfortunately, I didn't even know about the Seattle appearance until all 1,200 tickets were gone. Since they were selling on the secondary market for $500-$1,000, I decided to pass, even though I was tempted. Ticket sales for Portland were a mess. I tried for over 90 minutes the moment they went on sale and I was shut out. The Powell's website reported problems with the ticket seller, Eventzilla, later that evening and tickets were still available. They tried again a couple of days later and they went from 'Not for sale yet' to 'Unavailable-Sold Out' within one second. I was not happy but the secondary market for Portland is a bit more forgiving. There aren't many celebs on the planet that I'd spend this much money and take this kind of time to get a signature from, but this was one of them. $700 lighter, 6 hours of driving time and 2 hours in line, and I regret nothing. The books were pre-signed; the line was for a photo op. How many celebrities of this magnitude give up this kind of time simply for the sake of giving thousands of fans a few seconds that they will remember for the rest of their lives?

A couple of notes on the books: Elliott Bay reported selling 1,200 tickets. I heard that Powell's sold 1,150 so there are approximately 10,000 signed copies that have been given out, or will be after Monday's final appearance in Massachusetts.

Note that the books have been signed on a special page. At the top of the signature page it says: "This signed edition of Born To Run..." and at the bottom below the signature, "...has been specially bound by the publisher." It will be all but impossible to fake these (roughly) 10,000 books. 'Regular' copies are going to be heavily forged. Count on it.

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  • Seattle.  The $200.00 book, wasn't even signed, it was just the 1st run, printing of the book.  They said that "die hards" will pay that for a 1st run printing of the book.

    I find that a little far, but who knows.  It's on the 4th or 5th print run now, so who know.

    I have no idea if any of that is true however.  I'm sure you would be able to find out.

    Ebay has a lot of these books, and they are great looking ones.  

  • I believe that he has been a fairly good signer over the years but the opportunities very rarely present themselves with someone of this magnitude.

    I have no idea how long it took him to sign these but, regardless, they're pretty damn good for someone with such a long name. What stands out to me is the height of the 't' with respect to the other letters.

    I had hoped that these would drop to under $200.00 but the demand is just too strong. I'm seeing some sell for less but they are not the pre-signed versions and I have serious doubts. A few others simply don't post photos of the sig page and I don't even consider those.

    I think I'll have to settle for my two copies and one way cool memory.

  • So far, prices are $200.00 to $2500.00 

    (Deluxe edition included)

    I don't get why his book is valued SO much, isn't he a fairly willing signer?

    (There was one seller for $139.00 but it looks like that one sold)

  • You can tell he took his time signing these too, I think that adds value.  BRUCE!!!!!  Still putting on 4 hour concerts too!  How awesome is he?!?!?

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