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It is evident that Autograph Planet is well known to have members who are responsible and ethical.  Many of the members can be considered experts in the field they specialize.  Many have a good feeling for handwriting. We are all looking for more educational studies on this site where the experts can participate. The following is one of them. Member participation is solicited.

Illustrated below are five "in person" signatures of Bill Clinton. Without question they are genuine autographs.

The last is an earlier "in person" example, inscribed, signed and dated "as President" to me as a Birthday present.

The following signature "Bill Clinton" is being sold and authenticated as a genuine signature.

Can any of the readers on Autograph Planet agree that the sixth signature has any chance of being genuine?  There are several things to consider such as the signature being on two lines. Consider the formation of each individual letter. Consider the angle of the writing, the size of the signature and more.

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  • This seller has recently added two copies of Barack Obama's book, 'The Audacity of Hope' to his listings, one signed by the President and one by the First Lady. Not.BObama.jpg?width=721MObama.jpg?width=721

  • Every one is simply horrible and have to believe the same person signed all of them.

  • While on the topic of Clinton, I find this ebay seller particularly annoying. Check out the current offerings of seller 'Autographsale'. He or she has purchased a bunch of 'Autographed Copy' stickers and placed them on books with absurd forgeries. Does anyone think his Bill Clinton is authentic? Or the Bushes? Or 'P.J.' Simpson?AutoSaleBC.jpg?width=721AutoSaleGB.jpg?width=721AutoSaleGWB.jpg?width=721AutoSaleOJ.jpg?width=721

  • On June 30, 2004, Bill Clinton did two booksignings in Seattle to promote his new autobiography: "My Life". The first was at Costco in Issaquah, WA at noon, or something like that. The second was at Elliott Bay Books in Pioneer Square at, I believe 8:00pm. Each event was limited to, if I recall correctly, 1,500 tickets for each signing. My partner and I attended both. We stood in lines for something like 20 hours that day.

    Clinton is a machine when it comes to signing his name. He doesn't have an 'abbreviated' version of his signature as some do for these types of events. He writes it every single time. His preference was a blue pen manufactured by a company called 'Penco', again, if memory serves. The two books we had signed at Costco and the two we had signed at Elliott Bay were, essentially, the same. All four letters of 'Bill' are completely formed in every full signature I've ever seen. The last 'l' and the 'C' are, more often than not, not connected (IMO) but they are a very high percentage of the time. 'Clinton' is often written without lifting the pen, but I have seen many, many sigs where there is a break between the 'n' and the 't', and the 't' and the 'o'. The 'on' often gets lost as the line trails off to the right and the 't' is never really crossed; there is often a dot that is either for the 'i' or a lame attempt at crossing the 't'.

    On that day he signed on the title page on the horizontal line under the title. Nearly every authentically signed copy I've seen are signed in that spot. I've seen copies offered with sigs on the dustjacket, sigs as "B. Clinton", and sigs on the FFEP. A few looked authentic to me but most did not appear to be so.

    The kicker to June 30: A colleague of mine wanted to meet the man but she did not want the autograph. Her and her daughter got tickets to the Elliott Bay event which went well into the late evening. Instead of standing in line, they waited until about 10:00pm and headed to the bookstore. They were in line for a total of no more than an hour or so. She handed me her book the following day. Her daughter kept her copy. The signature in that book, the 3,000th signed that day, was no different than the one's we received earlier at either event.

    The top five signatures above look authentic. The sixth in not the worst forgery I've seen of this man, but it's not a difficult call. It's really, really uncommon to see a 'Bill Clinton' where both names are not on the same horizontal line.

  • I'm going to go with this is his right handed signature?

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