Bill Chapman - Sport Collectors, Inc.
Issues a Useless COA
Confirmed by “Useless Autograph COA Collection Library”

Recently donated to the Useless Autograph COA Collection Library by a well respected autograph dealer was the worst forgery of Harper Lee that we have seen and we’ve seen many.

The signature is on the half title page in the book “To Kill A Mockingbird” 40th Anniversary Edition, 6th printing. See illustration below.

Forged signature of Harper Lee

It is inconceivable how anyone could believe the above signature is genuine, never mind attaching one’s name to a certificate stating the signature is genuine.

Bill Chapman, COA, regarding the Harper Lee signature

An uneducated collector, believing in this useless COA paid several hundred dollars for a book that has very little value.

A call to all collectors who spot an obvious fake signature that comes with a COA. Contact us via Autograph Planet, the autograph educational site.

This is not the first item we have seen that Bill Chapman of Sport Collectors, Inc. Indianapolis, Indiana has authenticated a bogus signature as genuine.

Caution is recommended with items authenticated by Bill Chapman.

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