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  • There was that one church that took donations that people didn't like.  Westboro  Baptist Church in Kansas.  They had a online drive (they might still) but people realized that if you sent in something small, like $.10 or $.05 cents, that it would cost them more to process the request because PAYPAL and or the Credit Card company still takes it's cut from what is being sent in.  So other Radio stations around the country were doing drives to send in money to "THE CHURCH" but in small amounts.  We should do the same, start sending over a nickle at a time which will cost him a small fee to process the nickel, causing the account to go down.

    This is a man that at one point has over 1.7 Million shares of stock in PSA/DNA and he's saying he has no money?  Why help somebody that won't help themselves?  NO WAY!  WAKE UP PEOPLE!

    Just food for thought.  What has he really done for the hobby but cast stones?  He is getting what he deserves.  If these lawsuits were not "deserving" they would have been tossed out of court, they are going to trial, because they HAVE merit and because the court and seen it for what it is and from the looks of it Cyrkin is going to LOSE!

    I'll make the first donation of a nickle today!

  • Maybe there should be an effort to stop looking for someone to represent "pro bono" and start looking for someone to represent  'pro BOZO'

  • Oh boy, speaking of pro bono I heard Stephen Duncan is contacting Christmas, Kelley attorney's at 10:00 A.M. on Monday and Nelson Deedle is funding it.

  • I agree with you DB that there is nobody in the hobby that would meet the threshold for authentication.  But Cyrkin's side bashes people that guarantee their material forever and sell great items while promoting people who have shattered records in selling or authenticating the most forgeries in their specific field of so-called expertise.  How does he justify that?

  • Steve Zarelli was created and made up like Peter pan. He is no different than anyone else.  Where did he go to school?  Who trained him?  Probably home schooled like everyone else.  I realized he was a joke when he posted not to buy from dealers who gave biographies on the people they sold.  That seemed just strange and silly of him to make such a lame comment.  I wouldn't trust anything he said after reading that.

  • that's about the time I started moving away from all the back and forth.  collectors, like me, don't appreciate long range missiles  back and forth.  If there isn't a single place where those for and against can't debate it w/o all the little minions chiming in with their wise ass remarks (like AML eg) then it's not worth the time nor the effort, 'cause at the end of the day you end up simply choosing sides and no one improves.    Then add the dubious sites like ripoffreport where many of the "comments" are merely to smear someone one way or another. 

    If we had to rely on scientific evidence then there isn't anyone anywhere that would meet that threshold.  btw, I did buy a JLL though after all the debate so I did listen for awhile if that's any consolation.

  • DB,
    He may or may not be good at space, I don't know, but his all over the place approach he took regarding the authenticity of JLL's signature only furthered my awareness that there really isn't any secured scientific methodology supporting the charade of "autograph authentication".
  • ah, the infamous charities... at a fundraiser, community yard sale, in a mall as a "silent auction".  It brings back the engagement with PSA Charities & Fundraising out of Mn.  I've noted them before and the results - reader's digest version;  Silent Auction at a Simon Owned Mall.  All the displayed items were complete reprints.  no sign, anywhere (and believe me I looked except in the tiles above on the roof as I had no ladder).  When I challenged them over a piece they admitted they were all reprints but claimed they were notices "everywhere".  I wonder if the person who had a $1000 bid on the Michael Jordan ever realized the $$ he was about to throw away.  just recently, at a local fundraiser as 16x20 non authentic Tom Brady was purchased for $225.00. 

    btw, Zarelli is very good in the space genre.  I'd personally give heavy consideration on his opine if I were collecting a space genre item.  He also blew the Charlton Hesston secretarial signatures doors wide open so even a novice collector could understand.  Rolf Ramseiser of isItreal did an early exposure on it but the details were only understandable to the advanced collector or signature study students.   Ever look on EBay these days and notice how many secretariats are listed now that JohnG no longer rules the roost.  

  • Miles, astute observation.

    That guy is so vain, he probably thinks this song is about him!
  • What has the silly maneuver accomplished? Not much. A mere drop in the bucket, with the additional burden of having now monetized relationships that were once free of such consideration. Now they all feel that they are owed something, their eyes on you, expecting, subconsciously demanding remuneration.

    You better account for it all!

    We demand some sort of blood, even if it is yours!

    This is how the show must now end.

    At first everyone is so well intentioned but they really don't understand the depth, the magnitude, or the isolation and fear. They'll never understand, it's a 30 minute sitcom to them, that's all. It's your life.
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