Many collectors have felt for a long time that the high profile authenticating companies are nothing more than a scam.  Name one who has a genuine autograph expert?  Can't be done, this is the reason for all the thousands of mistakes made by these groups.  Most understand, when these outfits who like to be high profile hide when they are asked to do an interview at no cost to them.

Becketts lead so-called authenticator is Steve Grad.  Grad is in hiding when it comes to an interview.  Grad has made so many mistakes in authenticating autographs the number seems endless.

To see unidentified people acting as "experts" for Beckett is preposterous. To add to this, is a policy that is unvelievable yet some uneducated collectors fall for it with their dollars.

At a recent show in Texas a celebrity was signing autographs.  Beckett was authenticating autographs at this show with out seeing the autograph.  All a collector had to do was show the ticket they purchased for the autograph and they received a sticker to be placed on the item.

Did anyone think of placing the sticker on a forgery and keep the original signed item as they know it is real?

Why even bother with a autograph ticket?  Just sell the stickers.  These worthless stickers detract from the items appearance.  They may even do damage to the item in the years to come.

See images of the Beckett "authenticators."


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