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Just today heard some autograph hobby news.  The hobbyls only magazine  "Autograph Quarterly" is in the process of being sold by Samuel Xidas.  The magazine is in the process of merely changing ownership hands.  The new owner claims he will have more control over the magazine and will be looking for more writers so the magazine can move in different directions.  As more information is available, it will be posted here.

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  • since this post six months ago, I was pleasantly surprised to see a new AQ in the mailbox.  SOme 64 pages worth and a wide variety of articles.  The Tracks article and Andy Griffith entry of authentic vs secretarial come to mind.  Some sections still read like a college text book but at least there is no more mysterious Samuel X but rather the publisher is Kevin Martin.

    One item that ought to be noted is the inclusion of white sheets and pictures then overlayed and allowed to be sold on EBAY in the "what's hot section".  it seems that adult oriented pics are then what is being added according to the item.  I wrote somewhere around here about one EBAY Account that is doing this although the seller denied it but the proof is in the pudding.  I also included the position of EBAY's CIT at that time as well which was in essence - a VeRo or Image Owner would be the only ones that could take action.  Maybe in future reports they could publish some while gaining the attention of the celeb's agents (as I doubt many celeb agents track ebay).

    All in all - some wide and interesting subjects.  I'm reluctant to invest in another subscription after the last one but might have to reconsider...

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