Autograph Magazine Live! What is going on????

Anybody else happen to see what is going on over at the magazine over the weekend?

It would seem that he has been deleting members and posts like a madman!  What it really comes down to is anything that was posted prior to 2017 it appears to be deleted.

If you do a search in the box for items and members they are "no longer found" 

Roger Epperson, Michael Frost, Bobby Livingston and the cast of other others all gone.

A hard pill to swallow also all his material about Chris Morales and Coach's Corner, and ARA is also gone.  That was Steve's life's work, all but wiped out by his delete button.

All the information about the RR Auction lawsuit, GONE.  The "community rules and what they should be" gone.

From what I can tell, Steve Cyrkin lost a court motion last week and is required to turn things over, including his computers.  What is he doing?  He's deleting content instead.  A person that has nothing to hide sure doesn't act like this do they? 

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  • Looking over things, it sure seems like Steve is acting odd, even for him.  Why would he be doing this?  Especially with a court order?  To give the middle finger to the courts isn't smart, however, he could be laying the groundwork for a "i'm crazy, didn't know it was wrong" type defense.  Who knows. 

    The best thing that has happened however over the past 5+ years is that Roger Epperson has all but vanished.  He's gone.  We don't have to listen everyday about how great he is, about this and that.  I will say this, which proves something about him.  He deleted (or Steve) his big "GLOATING" 8 page boastful rant, which proves he knew that is going to come and bite him in the ass.  OF all the things that are posted on that filth blog, why that ONE 8 page post(s)?  He knows... We know.  Maybe since I have it, i'll post it here, you know for props!  What do you think of that?

    It is something, that merits of the case that were involving him and the guy from IN and now all being proved to be factual.  Isn't that something?

    Roger still won't give a refund to Michael Johnson, won't honor his word.  Won't be a MAN, and back up his company's guarantee.  Wonder why?

    Recently, Johnson had to find new lawyers, as his lawyers that were representing him, asked to be removed.  It appeared that Roger thought he was going to win the case (this is my opinion on things) So in another case that he is involved in, he started filing a bunch of motions, being that he though he was relieved of having to pay that 10 grand to Johnson.  So he started all this stuff with his case with Mueller, which he let sit for close to 2-3 years on his end.  Losing his appeal, losing a cause for want of prosecution, even having a judgement rendered AGAINST HIM!  2017 rolls around and Mr. Johnson files a motion to ask the court to be allowed to find new lawyers and for the case to keep going.   The motion is granted, and the case is moved out 90 days.  (this is all FACT)

    Roger then stopped everything again, because he knows he will have to pay 10 grand to Johnson, PLUS court costs, as he lost that when he went for his summery judgement and LOST. (go for it and loss, you pay everybody's court costs) So dates have come and gone in the Mueller case, and from what I can tell, he's not shown.  If he wants to have a deposition of either guy,(Johnson and Mueller) he has to GO TO THEM, and that costs money, something we all are seeing he doesn't have much of.  He (Roger) lost one lawyer for who knows what the reason was.  Could be a good thing, as they just filed the same motion's over and over and over getting the same results.  In the Johnson case he's filed so many motion to Quash's that 3 of them haven't even been ruled on, while all the others were denied.  He WILL sit for a DEPO, it WILL be filmed, it WILL go up on the website that Johnson owns and there is NOTHING Roger can do about it, yet he files the same "motion to quash and prays" for it to be granted each and ever time... DENIED!

    While Roger seemed to have no problem going after people that had no money to defend themselves, and boasting about his victory calling that person so many vile names, with others pilling on it was such a disgusting site to see, he seems to can't take it that what goes around COMES AROUND and when it comes around, it usually comes around 10 fold!  That is what it is doing from the outside looking in.

    In my opinion, it couldn't be happening to a better person.   This man is now stuck in numerous court battles, and he's not going to get out of any of them unscathed.  With any luck, the Mueller and other case will get to go back to a Federal level and maybe he can go spend some time in prison for his actions.

    This stuff is simply "THE BEST"  The actions of Steve Cyrkin are not that of somebody with "nothing to hide" but everybody remember, they are the WHITE HAT GANG!

  • The stuff seems to be there, I think the "search" function of his site is broke.  There are parts that have been deleted however.  I believe he is deleting things.

    I did notice that one very interesting 8 page blog post made by Roger Epperson is gone.  He had made a "VICTORY" blog post where he went on to brag about his default victory over a member he sued.  A "CHEFRAIDER"  He went on to call him a "... Broke dick mother F*****" A whiny little bitch, somebody that he was going to have a wonderful time going after"" somebody that would never be able to have a bank account because of him and that his life would be a living hell and he would make sure of it" it was a 8 page slanderous post by Roger Epperson and a bunch of no names patting Roger on his back congratulating him on his victory.  It was really sick how they all could take such happiness in something like that.  One has to wonder, will they share the same mind set if these other court cases end in victory's for the other teams and everybody on this website acts the same way they did?  Pouring on in ways that they did?  The whole GOLDEN RULE would that apply here "do on to others as you want those to do to you?" I'll say this, the people acted truly horrific and disgusting over a person losing a court case.  I for one won't forget it  The post is now just called "deleted" and below it says "sorry" It come to the hobby's attention that Bob Eaton of RR Auction's has taken on Roger Epperson's legal bills (now called Roger's DADDY) and they have seem to have went after this judgement after letting it sit for 7 years with no activity!  Roger has plenty of posts still on that trash blog where he's bragging about how he's going to ruin this person's life, he seems obsessed about it.  He's posts are all TODD MUELLER, Grant and how Great he is, so deleting this one blog isn't going to do much, and i'm 100% sure the Chef had that saved 2 years ago anyway...  Maybe he (the Chef) can weigh in on this if he's around.

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