Plans are to expose possibly the world's most active seller of non-genuine autographs based in the far West. There are so many examples, there is a section of a room devoted to this autograph dealer of the last few decades.

There is a waiting period for good reasons why this person will not be exposed immediately.  This will not be items scanned from catalogs, auction sites, ebay etc.  Items to be listed will be illustrations from the original items together with the companies COA's.

Forgeries of all kinds will be exposed from signed record album covers to signed posters and signed photogrphs.  The dealer is a fast talking individual based in the West.

All autographs that will be posted have been personally examined by a minimum of two different well known autograph dealers who are familiar with the autographs of modern celebrities.  Every item that will be posted has been declared non-authentic.

More than exposing the items sold by this dealer you will learn how on expensive items the dealer has created themselves as an expert in order to sell a certain bogus item.

From the huge amount of original inventory we have on hand that was sold by this seller, we will also illustrate original genuine known examples of this sellers signature. Those with a keen eye may determine a similarity in this persons hand writing verses forged signatures and determine if the seller, in your opinion, is the actual forger.

More on this later but when this begins, we will be posting one item, every Friday for many, many months or even years to come. The first story posted will identify this individual.  A name you will sure to recognize.

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  • Looking forward to finding out about this greedy lack of Integrity individual is. Thank you for bringing to light.

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