Autograph Collection for Sale (of course :-)

I have an interesting autograph collection of over 900 pieces, which was assembled during the first half of the 20th century by Marion Deane, who was a good friend of my wife's aunt Ethel, who gave her the collection after my uncle’s death in 1960. At the time my wife was Chief Curator of the Louisiana State Museum and as such had expertise in preservation techniques.

Over the years, with the help of her daughter, we’ve cataloged the collection and kept the pieces in acid-free sleeves and folders. Many of the letters have covers with stamps and postmarks. This is a fascinating look into the literary, arts, political, and Royals of the early 20th century. 

We would like to sell the collection as one piece, but we're at a loss as to how to select a dealer who will treat both it and us honestly and get the best value for themselves and for us. Can Autograph Planet give us any recommendations as to who might be interested in buying such a collection?

Thanks so much...

Jim (Newbie) Dodds

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  • Thanks for your interest, Todd. I am still preparing my list.
    I'll be sending you a copy as soon as it's finished.
    Jim Dodds
  • Jim-

    I may be interested.  I purchase large collections and higher end material.  If you have a list email it to me at or call me at (972) 896-7742.

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