AUTOGRAPH CLUBS - The One Most Recommended

                                                   Autograph Clubs -  The One Most Recommended


If you are either a newcomer to the hobby of autographs, a seasoned collector or autograph dealer, it is highly recommended you associate yourself with  a respected autograph organization that can help you along the educational highway.

After more than 50 years in the hobby, the one I most recommend is the based in Germany.  At this time this autograph organization has its largest membership  from the United States and other countries outside of Germany.

This group is free of politics and corruption.  It does what it says. It has a fabulous meeting of collectors and dealers each year in a different German city. Dealers exhibit for sale autographs in all price ranges covering all fields of collecting.  Not a year has passed in meetings that I have attended that I didn’t bring back an autograph treasure or two.

The exchange of ideas at these meetings is second to none. The comradeship is exceptional. Many attendees and board members speak English.

This club is extremely well organized. Meetings are run once a year, everyone is welcome. The club magazine “Autographen-sammler is published four times a year, never missing an issue.  It is full magazine size, 80 pages in length with covers in color.  Each issue contains approximately 45 articles, heavily illustrated, most educational in all fields of collecting. Dealer ads, collectors ads, celebrity addresses you will find no where else  Every member is welcome to submit an article.

Membership is only $38.00 per year.  Payable to Paypal at

Become a proud member of the and take notice of the growing number of dealers worldwide who display the club logo.

The following are just some of the articles you have missed written by me  and published in the club magazine.

President Grover Cleveland & his First Ladies on Executive Mansion Cards.

A Modern Day Dracula

Herman Goering Newly Discovered Printed Signature

Tony Galento, Heavyweight Champion who ran for President of the United States

One of My Favorite Unusual Items

John H. Glenn- An American Hero

Spreading the Good Word About Autographs

Elvis Presley- Don’t be Fooled

How to Sell an Autograph Collection

Autograph Authentication- Even A Novice Can Take A Crack At It

Mother Teresa- A Saint, Her Autographs a Goal For Serious Collectors

Dear Friend, Isn’t Always So Friendly

Alfred Aloysius- “Trader Horn”

Chester Nez, The Man Who broke “The Curse of Babe Ruth”

Bill Clinton- Beware of Signed Books

Donald Trump- An American Phenomenon

Evangelist Billy Graham

Fifteenth Anniversary of 9/11

Hope to see your names listed on page three of “New Members”.




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