Autograph Authentication company for sale.  We only have 7 of these start up companies for sale so act now.

For just $99.99 you will purchase your own company!  You will become a top level autograph authentication firm.

This price includes a magnifying glass, and stickers.

Expert not included.  Just create your own and give him the title and your done.

Call 1 (800) URA-SUKR now

Hotdog cart not included, exemplar's can be found on ebay.

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  • Are we discussing civil or criminal? Moral or legal? The intricacies involved are incredible, so much to study, so much to understand. A living, breathing thing. Absolutely unable to be entirely sure until a jury stares one straight in the eyes and gives verdict, then the reality hits, hits hard!
  • He seems to lack the understanding that there is a certain culpability involved In the initiating and grooming of a thread in order to realize defamatory results. Lack of legal advice will most certainly be his undoing. Have seen it numerous times before
  • All of this support is overwhelming! It brings tears to my eyes. The fact that so many still have faith in me after I have blown so many previous endeavours. It's an uphill battle, a battle like no other, yet I am the martyr chosen to lift the rest of man kind to that place which it once held!
    Admittedly my opinion is no greater than yours, BUT in reality..., it really is better! Certainly you all agree. Therefore I must hold within my grasp the monumental ability to decide the fates of those who are lesser than me, those who lack my Wisdom, my knowledge, and my sexy look!!!

    Rest assured all contributions shall go toward the cause, and not a nickle for cheap gin at the CVS pharmacy store.
  • I forgot to include the LOA's that also come with this starter kit.  That's an extra .15cent value thrown in for free

  • I will contribute for sale 100%, yes, 100% of the sale of a 3X5 card signed by Dan Quayle to Miles cause of owning his start up franchise.  Asking price, only $50 with 100%, yes $100% going to Miles dreams of owning his own franchise.  Good luck Miles!

  • Perhaps if everyone here chips in $5 each, Miles could start up a franchise?
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