Authenticators, a discussion.

I have heard people say that steve grad and james spence are the best of the general authenticators, they can do the best job at all the different categories as far as having to do them all.

I shake my head every time i hear this. What is a general authenticator?

It is a a made up term. There is no such thing as a general authenticator.  To be authenticator, you have to be a specialist, no 1 person can know 100000 names.

To spend a lifetime studying one category is an enormous achievement tackled by very few so a general authenticator is someone who didnt study a specialty but it suppoae to be competant enough?

An  autograph is either real or not, it is not generally real or not. A specialist is not only needed to get it right, It is required if you are to use an authenticator and be able to trust that due diligence was done and his or her opinion is to be trusted and has any real value to it.

Case in point, the category of the decathlon in sports. The top decathlete in sports cannot beat nor probably ever reach the final heat on any of the individual events if they ever tried to enter each event in the olympics. They are not good enough.  Kaitlyn jenner was a fine athlete in her time, but would be blown away by edwin moses in the hurdles,  carl lewis in the 100 meters, steve ovett and sebastian coe in the mile, dwight stone in the high jump, sergei bubka in the pole vault, michael powell in the long jump, etc.

The have the category of the decathlon is to find out who can do all of these things the best and even them out over ten events, and i can understand that, but autographs don,t need a decathlon event, they don,t need a jack of aĺl trades, and masters of none.

We can all name the different categories of autographs, historical, political ,entertàintment, space, baseball, music, military, football, religion, boxing, basketball, world leaders, hockey, and the list goes on, but who can seriously list grad or spence at the top of any of these genres?  

Nobody, that is who. That is why these two guys are non experts. 

The definition of expert at is as follows...

A person who has special skill or knowledge in some particular field, specialist, authority.

The autograph field is waaaaày too large to have some one be an expert in ,autographs,

If your foot hurts you go to the foot expert, the podiatrist. 

If you have an autograph of john wayne, you go to the entertainment autograph guy.  What purpose would it serve to go to the kaitlyn jenners of the autograph world if they dont  have a lifetime of study in that area?  To get an opinion from someone who wouldn,t be listed at the top in any of the autograph categories make no sense. Like someone fo run a 10.4  100 meters when usain bolt can do it in 9.8?

Whats the point?  People nèed experts who have a special skill in a specific area, a specialist, not someone claiming they can authenticate 100000 diferent names.  

Grad, spence, not experts, not anything.

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