Any truth to JSA closing the FL office?

I saw a post on another message board during the week about JSA closing up shop in FL.  Now when I have the time to put something up about it, I can't find it. (The post)


Does anybody know if there is any truth to it?  I don't see anything on the website, other then they are APPT ONLY!  However that  could be they are scared about being served in lawsuits so they don't want people just walking in the office unless they know who it is.


People have to be losing faith in all "OPINION" based authentication anyway.  You are getting something that is a opinion, and everybody has one of those.  The mistakes being made by ALL of these are becoming more and more laughable, and never a apology, or a statement.  Now that there are some court cases we get to see what one "opinion-cator" thinks.  In his filed court papers, he told the courts that the buyer should have done more "DUE DILIGENCE and known what they were buying, can't place the blame all on the seller/authenticator.(which was him in this case)

Like I said, laughable!   However, if you spent TEN THOUSAND DOLLARS on a item and were told that, laughing is not what I would be doing.  How that can be considered "GOOD BUSINESS" is beyond me.  How the UACC can allow this person to still be a member is beyond me.  How is that ETHICAL?!

Steve Zarelli, you think that is OK?  (Not only OK, but this guy wasn't a member, but they MADE him a member, so he was rewarded with membership while this case is going on)

Goes back to what Steve Koschal posted here a while back, time to really look at the autograph club.   Take it apart and put it back together, with new people and ONE set of rules that EVERYBODY has to play by, no playing favorites.  Some of this stuff is just beyond disgusting!  When everybody turns a blind eye I guess nothing will happen.

From the outside, looking in, the UACC, looks like one CORRUPT club.  "THE WHITE HAT GANG"

Not to mention, the Michael Frost, when I find a mistake, i'll just delete it, and place blame on somebody else and say I never had the item.  Why do business with somebody like that?  You don't even know if you are going to get the items you send to him back, and if you do, when is he going to say he didn't put a COA on them? 


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