Another member of the white hat gang?

I saw this on the public forum of Facebook, and was wondering, is this the same Bobby Livingston that works for R and R auctions? The same Bobby that is involved in the lawsuits?  The same Bobby that prior to 2008 had never worked with autographs, and became a instant expert in autographs when he joined Bob Eaton at RR Auctions.

Why are all these guys wanting to wear white hats?

What's with the eye patch and puffy shirt?  Is this the same style puffy shirt made famous by Seinfeld back in the day?

Just curious...

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  • Nothing wrong with having a beard.  Even in the animal kingdom it separates the men from the boys!

  • The Bestles absolutely underdtood the significance of properly shaded headgear! Here Big Mac iseens to be shouting, loud snd clearly "I am a huge supporter of "Planet" 4ADA13BCD30E45C5BCA5C95C9AB8E873.JPG

  • I love the Beatles after they got rid of the pretty boy image! Beards and hair and awesome music!
  • The Beatles, Dark Hatted, proud supporters of Autograph Planet!B60E5E8F15B943C19AD211425DE2D92F.JPG

  • There is one where he acts like a Moose, maybe the Rocky and Bullwinkle show staring Bobby Livingston?

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