Another member of the white hat gang?

I saw this on the public forum of Facebook, and was wondering, is this the same Bobby Livingston that works for R and R auctions? The same Bobby that is involved in the lawsuits?  The same Bobby that prior to 2008 had never worked with autographs, and became a instant expert in autographs when he joined Bob Eaton at RR Auctions.

Why are all these guys wanting to wear white hats?

What's with the eye patch and puffy shirt?  Is this the same style puffy shirt made famous by Seinfeld back in the day?

Just curious...

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  • HAAAH!  Bobby Livingston sucks doing Dylan as well as he sucks at autographs! (Has no rhythm either, proving white guys canNOT dance.)

    I'd like to see Bill ("NO-nads") White, Mandy ("The Mini-Forger"), Trish ("Brain Fried")"& Little Bobby ("Booby")Eaton ALL up there singing & pretending.  THAT is going to be one hell of a prison band when TSHTF - soon!  Thanks for the laugh Miles!

  • "Look Brother, there is NO returning that cash now!, Why don't you relax, take the money, go shopping for a new White Hat?"lookbrother.png

  • So difficult for those genuinely seeking freedom and liberty to put a name, or a face to their centuries long adversary:faceless.jpg 

  • The 'White Hats' were never more upfront about their beliefs and motivations than when at these rallies:kkk.jpg?width=721

  • Along the parade route..., take a look for yourself, in photograph after photograph these 'White Hats' can be seen lurking, hiding, waiting for that sinister opportunity! notice how the "White Hats' rarely, if ever were seen smiling back in '63. it isn't until '85 or later photos that they begin to smile, believing their mission a success.

    Little do they know!sinisterwhitehats.JPG?width=721

  • Why was this White Hatted individual allowed to live? (clearly seen here giving the "Go ahead signal").allowedtolive.jpg

  • Think that these 2 images pretty well sum it all up!jfk.jpgoswald.jpg

  • Fairly obvious Who's Who and What's What...,elvisBlackFedora.jpgmarilynp224.jpgmarlon.jpg

  • Hahahahaha................If I were to put a name to the man in the main picture of this thread, without knowing his, it would be MR. Seymour Eyepatch!
  • Real Men Wear Black!

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