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I am not a member of that site but I've read it periodically to see what the criticisms are all about. It's possible that I'm simply not familiar with the members and those who are active on the site know who they are dealing with. But one problem I have is that members frequently post photos of items and they'd like opinions on its authenticity. Members reply with brief comments like 'Good', 'Crap', etc., etc. The problem I have is that it seems that the people who reply may or may not know what they're talking about but it's just assumed that the responses are accurate and valid. There is no attempt at discerning whether or not the 'authenticators' are in a position to make a value judgment or whether they may have ulterior motives in passing the signature they are seeing that is being questioned. Beginning or less experienced collectors seem to be assuming that all of the people on that site are knowledgeable, trustworthy and legitimate and this appears to me to be wrong in multiple instances.

Case in point: Someone posted a signature of Stephen King in a copy of Lisey's Story. Three people replied and all of them called it 'good'. Personally, I think it's a laughable forgery and if the OP bases his decision to purchase the book based on these three opinions, he's going to get taken. Does anyone here who knows King's signature think that this one is authentic?

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  • Kevin Conway had previously published that same article on AML a couple of years ago, only the wording was slightly different. So this time around instead of publishing the exact same article, he goes to all the trouble of changing some of the words around. Why would he do that? Maybe to  avoid people googling the first sentence or so and getting an exact match. But I remember that column and looked it up, and other than re-arranging some of the words throughout, it is the same column on how dealers should be looked as suspect if they do not give up the keys to authentication to psa or jsa and let those organizations decide for the dealer whether or not an item is legit or not. If you don't subscribe to that, then Kevin Conway thinks you should be treated as suspect and it is a red flag. It's pretty disgusting.

  • Seattle Signings, I saw that, and also the Kevin Conway writing. 

    I'm taking a guess here, but how much do you want to bet that a Steve Cyrkin had something to do with that being written?  These guys are getting hit so hard where it counts, (in court) so they have to put up smoke shields wherever they can.  Heaven forbid a dealer standing behind what they sell.  You get cussed out, called all kinds of names, told where to go, told what to do, never given the chance to get a refund, have to take the seller to court.  Have to then prove you bought the item from that person in court, when you do that, have to agree to this and that.  Pure craziness!  I wonder what they would be saying, doing and writing if a dealer they didn't like acted the way their own "white hat gang" is acting.  Lets not even get going on the lack of education all of these guys have.  Talk about alarming!

  • Agreed. And Trump has a cool sig. It looks like a strip chart during an earthquake.

    AML is fast becoming a major source of entertainment for me. I took issue with a 'Travis Wallace' regarding a Stephen King signature. Now someone has requested opinions on a Mickey Mantle. Wallace comes back and says it's a forgery common to the 90's. A couple of others came back and said the sig was authentic. Wallace came back later and said that he studied the matter and changed his mind. He now agreed with those that called the Mantle authentic. How about doing that homework before posting dubious opinions to unsuspecting members? This guy should apply for a job as an authenticator for PSA/DNA.

    There is also someone named 'Kevin Conway' who has written a manifesto on how to spot dealers that might be selling forgeries. He has his list of red flags, 12 of them. Reputable dealers, in his opinion: issue COA's, rely on TPA's, should be members of clubs, must be selling on ebay and should have testamonials on their websites. Conspicuously missing from the list? Dealers should know what they are doing and stand behind what the sell. Personally, these are the only two items on my list. That they are not on this guy's list speaks volumes and, when these two items are not even 'on the table', it is and indicator of the failures and degradation that this hobby has suffered for the last 20 years. I wonder what he would do if Travis Wallace questioned something he sold?

  • Interesting.  Donald Trump was here in Indy yesterday, and after his rally he got off the stage and slowly walked in front and signed autographs for people.  The Fox59 cameras were right over his shoulder so you could see him signing and his signature sure varied on each item, but he's walking, or shuffling, and being bumped by the SS and people grabbing at him, yet even with all of this, his autographs are not this far off as these books.  That says ALOT I think!

  • Both gems are offered by the same seller: sig21 who may just be an unsuspecting dupe. These guys, however, sell King fakes more or less constantly: georgiaantiques, booksandcomicsandthings, allstarbooks2010 and tiggermew.

  • It sure is amazing at some of the items that they pass.  When you see items like this, back to back, it's amazing.  I would like to know who the sellers are?  I wonder if it's one of the authenticators, selling?  Do you have who the sellers of these books are too?

  • Not to beat a dead horse but I have to post these. These are two books purportedly signed by Stephen King currently offered on ebay. Someone at PSA/DNA who is in the wrong line of work thinks that both books are not only authentically signed, but that they are signed by the same hand. I fear for western civilization.

  • I think the whole thing that I'm from Maine too is pretty cool our true local celeb.
  • I chose this really because it was given to me by my parents. It's a good memory attached from my family! And also my friend Corey! Also it's cool cause I have a dog.....
  • that way it will just be 4 books total! That way it shouldn't be that much of a hassle.....
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