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I am not a member of that site but I've read it periodically to see what the criticisms are all about. It's possible that I'm simply not familiar with the members and those who are active on the site know who they are dealing with. But one problem I have is that members frequently post photos of items and they'd like opinions on its authenticity. Members reply with brief comments like 'Good', 'Crap', etc., etc. The problem I have is that it seems that the people who reply may or may not know what they're talking about but it's just assumed that the responses are accurate and valid. There is no attempt at discerning whether or not the 'authenticators' are in a position to make a value judgment or whether they may have ulterior motives in passing the signature they are seeing that is being questioned. Beginning or less experienced collectors seem to be assuming that all of the people on that site are knowledgeable, trustworthy and legitimate and this appears to me to be wrong in multiple instances.

Case in point: Someone posted a signature of Stephen King in a copy of Lisey's Story. Three people replied and all of them called it 'good'. Personally, I think it's a laughable forgery and if the OP bases his decision to purchase the book based on these three opinions, he's going to get taken. Does anyone here who knows King's signature think that this one is authentic?

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  • Earlier in this thread I highlighted a baseball purportedly signed by Christy Mathewson. I expressed doubts about the authenticity of the signature as well as that of the exemplar on the PSA website. Both sigs looked very labored, slowly written and neither exhibited the characteristic over-sized "s" in his last name. In short, I think both are likely forgeries. I am a minority of one when compared to the experts at AML, PSA and JSA. The guy was fishing for opinions and was told what he wanted to hear so he bought the ball, then flipped it to Heritage where it promptly bombed. He is now asking why. Everyone is making up excuses but no one will say it out loud: Could it be that some people who spend that kind of money on collectibles do a little homework and know what they are doing? Could it be that the signature on that ball is highly suspect? $31K is a hell of a lot of money but, for an authentically signed Mathewson ball, it's a bargain. Perhaps PSA's and JSA's glorification is justifiably losing its luster.

  • I think what you have is the SOURCE, person or company submitting these being "authenticated", as those autographs are just UGLY!  I would not buy one of those if they were offered to me, sticker or no sticker.  I don't care if 5 stickers are on the items, every item is UGLY and looks nothing like what I have seen as real, authentic signatures.  These all could be good, but to me, I would not want these to give as gifts.  Just my 2 cents, under the 1st amendment, covered by FREE SPEACH.

  • And are these any better? My point in all of this was to demonstrate the ignorance of the PSA/DNA authenticators and any dealer that relies on their knowledge and not their own is speaking volumes about their own lack of expertise of this hobby.Anyone making a call on any autograph has a 50:50 chance of getting it right. I think they just play those odds and they realize that, in the TPA world, they're simply too big to fail.

  • I'll finish my thought since everyone seems dying to know. And the slabbing probably gave these away but all of these were authenticated by PSA/DNA. Am I missing something? Is there a chance that any of these are genuine?

  • I personally don't see why people put so much stock into the "ebay system"?  Why is that so important?  

    People do put a lot of stock into the COA's, but in fact they are the paper.  They are no different from the ABC, XYZ or anywhere in-between.  The people are stating a OPINION.  

    Now hopefully that opinion is based on something.  Hopefully that opinion is backed by research, a education, some sort of credentials, SOMETHING other then "I KNOW AUTOGRAPHS... as we are finding out, that when a person says that, they really don't.

    Just  my 2 cents.  Backed by my 1st amendment right of the Constitution of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!

  • I don't know why he'd re-write the manifesto after making a few minor alterations. Your guess is as good as mine. What I find arrogant about it is that it says in no uncertain terms that, for buyers to conclude that a dealer is offering authentic material is that sellers should do everything he is doing and not do everything he is not doing. Pal, get over yourself. I looked at his website and there is a significant amount of space dedicated to blowing his own horn. He touts 30 years of experience. But he quietly defers to JSA, PSA, Phil Sears, others' signature studies and others as demonstration that his material is authentic. Except for Frank Sinatra he does not state that he will stand behind his own personal knowledge of the signatures. I think it's a way of deferring responsibility if anything is ever questioned. He can state that he verified the sig with someone knowledgeable and denies that a questioned item is fake. Thus, he can deny a refund. I have heard that line more times than I care to remember. It's largely what has formed my cynical opinion of dealers, their so-called knowledge and their so-called lifetime guarantees. I also think it's why he extolls PSA/DNA. Their authenticators are highly suspect in my view and you're more likely to get a fake approved than you are with a true authenticator. Coaches Corner has authenticators. Whoopy freakin' do.

    COAs?: They are worthless pieces of paper. If you stand behind what you sell, you shouldn't need one. Testamonials?: Ebay's feedback system is a testimonial system. Are all ebay seller with positive feedback selling authentic material?I'm curious as to what anyone reading this thinks regarding the authenticity of these items? And I'll follow-up in a few days explaining why I am asking.

  • Notice he left 10E off the list.

    And they don't like that "google" is a FRIEND of everybody.   They don't like it that people have a venue and other places to go to complain.  That people actually have FREE SPEECH, the First Amendment   right given to them by the constitution of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA! 

    That does not seem to sit well with members over there, especially the writer, the "moderator" and authenticators that have chimed in.

    As I was out campaigning for Donald Trump, and helping make America great again, it was nice to be apart of something special.  To have lying Ted, from Texas drop out because he was not wanted, or needed and that was shown by the great people of Indiana.  

    All abord the TRUMP TRAIN  TOOT TOOT!!!!  It's nice to have these rights, and to have them protected.  Use them people, don't be afraid.  It's ok to speak what you are thinking, and have your OWN OPINION.   This is protected here on THE PLANET!

  • Corey Feldman and the Jimi Hendrix Experience? Does this mean the collectors market is set to get hit with a flurry of new,  rare, and authenticated Hendrix items? 

  • In 2012 He says "Instead of regurgitating the technical aspects of authentication." 

    Now he says "Instead of discussing the technical aspects of authentication"

    My questions is why replace 'regurgitating' with 'discussing' in this updated piece. What good did that do? He is obviously doing that for a reason and there are dozens of examples like that between these two pieces.

  • The newest article on dealers

    His article from 4 years ago with subtle changes, why do that? It's the same article but he re-writes part of it and just switches words around for no reason.

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