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I am not a member of that site but I've read it periodically to see what the criticisms are all about. It's possible that I'm simply not familiar with the members and those who are active on the site know who they are dealing with. But one problem I have is that members frequently post photos of items and they'd like opinions on its authenticity. Members reply with brief comments like 'Good', 'Crap', etc., etc. The problem I have is that it seems that the people who reply may or may not know what they're talking about but it's just assumed that the responses are accurate and valid. There is no attempt at discerning whether or not the 'authenticators' are in a position to make a value judgment or whether they may have ulterior motives in passing the signature they are seeing that is being questioned. Beginning or less experienced collectors seem to be assuming that all of the people on that site are knowledgeable, trustworthy and legitimate and this appears to me to be wrong in multiple instances.

Case in point: Someone posted a signature of Stephen King in a copy of Lisey's Story. Three people replied and all of them called it 'good'. Personally, I think it's a laughable forgery and if the OP bases his decision to purchase the book based on these three opinions, he's going to get taken. Does anyone here who knows King's signature think that this one is authentic?

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  • Heath: When books are made into prominent movies, the value of signed copies increases proportionally to the general popularity of the movie. 'Jurassic Park' and 'The Perfect Storm' are good examples. Signed copies of these books bring substantially more than 'Timeline' or 'A Death in Belmont'. These were written by Michael Crichton and Sebastian Junger like 'Park' and 'Storm', respectively, but they bring far less money as they are simply not as widely familiar. (And note my personal observation: Sebastian Junger has one of the worst sigs I have even seen.)

    King's books that were made into decent movies bring a bit more than those that were not though his books defy that logic in several instances. If value is your goal, 'Cujo' is a decent choice. 'The Shining', 'Carrie', 'Firestarter' and some of the older titles that are harder to come by are good choices. Some of his more recent books bring top dollar as he did not do even small book tours to support them. Authentically signed copies of 'Bazaar of Bad Dreams' have sold for $800.00-$1,450.00 within the last 3 months. 'Mr. Mercedes' also brought top dollar, $400.00-$600.00 and they rarely come on the market. He did a few, limited signings for 'Revival' and 'Finders Keepers'. Consequently, those bring a little less, around $175.00-$400.00. You can also purchase very nice Limited Editions of titles like 'Insomnia', 'From a Buick 8' and 'Under Dome' for reasonable prices and, once signed, are not only moderately valuable, they are somewhat rare.

    All that being said, ignore me and anyone else who tells you what you should do. Collect what you like for your own reasons that bring you the most pleasure. If you have a dog eared, coffee-stained paperback copy of 'Salems Lot' with the cover missing that was your first King book and you've re-read it a dozen times and it would mean a great deal to you for him to sign it, then get that one and, if you and he have the minute, tell him why you chose it.

  • I'll let you pick 2 I'm going to speak with Corey and find out when I could set up a time where I could drop these off to him! I will let you know in a reply in this thread!
  • Heath, Oh yeah! Great book! When do you think you'll be able to get these done, as i'll need to ship mine out to you.  How many can I send?

  • so raider and Seattle I got a cujo first edition decent shape for Steven King to sign will this be a good one?
  • got his rookie card signed!
  • The only other Maine local celebrity I have gotten was Boston Celtics Dave cowens. He lived next door to the lady I worked with on Sebago Lake. He was actually her god father!
  • nice! The shinning is a classic I've never read one of his books just seen the movies. I'm having that one signed to! My birthday is April 3rd then I'll find out the rest that I'm getting! I'm hoping to get Carrie as well. Pet Sematary is also one of my favorites for sure.
  • I agree with Seattle, I don't think that the same hand signed all 3 items, and the baseballs don't look right to me.  

    I would love to have a few of the books signed.  I worked out at Glacier National Park, and we were told that Mr. King stayed at our hotel and got the idea for "THE SHINNING" while staying at MANY GLACIER HOTEL.  I was the Chef there for 2 of my 3 season's out there so that is of the books that I would want to get signed for sure.  I guess i'll find some of his earlier books.

    I was part of his book club, which is still active.  The Steven King Book Club, where you can pick what books you want and go from there.  

  • but if I were to compare that bottom signature to both of the balls they look like different signers.
  • and some of those Ruth balls coulda fooled me.
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