Al Wittnebert, embattled and quasi president of the UACC cannot be located. The UACC has gone down hill  during the last decade. It seems like the only activity is collecting dues.  A trip to the club web site says basically nothing for quite some time.  The club's refusal to sumbit its yearly tax forms in alarming.   Also interesting is hiding the number of members.  The once looked after  printed membership list is gone!  Why do you think the club is hiding how many members are left?

There are even life time members that no longer want to be members of the UACC.  

At one time the UACC bragged about having 2200 members.  No one in the club will put together a list of current members.

Recently we tried to contact Mr. Wttnebert via two of his different emails. In the first we asked him: "Why he has assumed the presidency of the UACC without an election?"  With the club's vice-president dozing at the wheel, does Wittnebert just make up the rules? 

 In addition we asked: "Why didn't V/P Tom Folenta assume the presidency?"

It was also requested: "that you access and send the last 5 years of accounting records/tax statements and emailthem to me. I will pay the expense of copying these records."

My first email was to his personal business. No response.

After some time  I sent an email to him via the UACC.  No response!

Then I sent him a second, third and even a fourth request. No response.

Something smells bad here for quite some time.

Many know something is very foul here and this is why membership has dropped drastically.  

How much are people willing to pay dues only to be able to display a logo that few respect.  It is not to be believed how many of their "registered dealers" who you have been told to have been vetted are now listed as being expelled.

I personally have copies of ethics complaints against board members sent to me by members of the club.  They are more extreme that those who have been acted upon.  Nothing was done...they covered their asses.

Some collectors have said they are not members because they don't want their name associated with some of the members of the UACC.  Some are admitted forgers, others shill bidders and others have sold millions of dollars worth of forged autograhs.

The Board of Directors of the UACC know who they are but seem desperate to have anyone willing to pay dues.

Still waiting to hear from Mr. Wittnebert to answer a few simple question!












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