Al Wittnebert, Treasurer of the UACC for many decades has had a dark past with regard to his handling the UACC Treasury.  He has basically been at the controls of the organization for quite some time.   Perfect example as when the UACC President passed away, the UACC V/P was out of sight, Al Wittnebert took over the reigns of the title of "President" of what's left of the group.

The UACC has had a gasping wound for over three decades. The few who have tried to at minimum put a band aid on it were either censured or expelled from the UACC.  There has been a decent handful of very serious complaints from members requesting that their complaints against Al Wittnebert be heard.  I am not aware of a single complaint that has been acted upon. Seems like all have been totally ignored except one. The one was from me. As an officer of the club it was responded to but thrown under the rug.

See my complaint illustrated below.


This complaint was sent to the UACC Ethics Board because there was a problem with the UACC's  treasury.  Even their accountant, in writing, stated he could not give an accurate annual report as Mr. Wittnebert did not furnish the required documents. Now with a spin off of the UACC, The Gold Coast Autograph Dealers Alliance experienced the same problems with Al Wittnebert who was acting as treasurer.

In response to our complaint, Tom Solecki, Chairman of the Ethics Board responded with a letter protecting Al Wittnebert.  He refused to allow the members of the Ethics Board  act on the complaint. See illustration below.



Digusted with the cover up, the following was the response from the president of the GACC and myself.


A  wall was built protecting Mr. Wittnebert from any complaints coming from within the organization and from outside the organization.  The above is just one example. In the meantime Mr. Wittnebert is accumulating awards from his friendly board of directors.  Over a decade,  files were accumulated before filing this complaint.  During that time, a deacde of dues has been collected sent in by over 2,200 members.  Since this compaint has been mailed, the treasurer has been collecting dues for 21 more years. Where's the acountability?

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