Herman Darvick got fired once again.  Darvick who once worked for a company in Las Vegas was let go and later found a job with a dealer on the east coast. That didn'l last long.

Herman Darvick has been calling on the phone for weeks trying to find a job and it appears his reputation precedes him.

Darvick appears to have hit bottom and is posting messages that he is looking for consignments to post on his eBay page. WHAT!

All those people who purchased bogus autographs from Herman Darvick's auctions that were looking for refunds were told by Darvick his "Lifetime Guarantee" no longer applies as he's not in the autograph business.  You read this right, he issued a COA with a Lifetime Guarantee that he no longer backs.

Herman Darvick is known in this hobby as "The Father of the Worthless COA".

Another story coming on Darvick will prove to our readers what he does with autographs consigned to him.

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