We are offering a $1,000 reward for anyone who screen captured a comment  made by a Rich Viola on Autograph Magazine Live, today 7/9/2017.  He posted a comment stating some of the finest, most reputable dealers on the planet are forgers.  Before it could be captured he deleted it.  The person who commented on this by stating the following was immediately deleted, which should shock no one.

You will remain anonymous and this will be turned over to attorney's who will promptly sue Rich Viola for his completely false lying post.  Just email a screen capture to Auto3planetadm@outlook.com and include your name and the address you would like $1,000 sent to.  We are looking for Rich Viola's post captured so he can see what justice looks like.

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  • I have heard there is a claim to the reward already. hopefully justice will prevail and people like the original poster on that site wont be able to get away making comments they cant back up in blogs and forums where people say anything.

  • Whoeeee! Let me check my webcrawler!!!!!!!!!
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