Its been 10 months since Roger Epperson gave a FREE authentcitiy review; I bet he wished he did not. What are the chances that the first one out of the gate was a complete disaster?? He keeps proving himself over and over again... as a nonexpert.

A fool paid Roger $15 for his opinion on this Mccartney autograph.  Roger wrote back says that it was NOT AUTNENTiIC!































































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  • Is that a picture of John Lennon when he was a monkey frog? Roger is all over this, wait.......and its signed by Michael Jackson! I'm gonna go ahead and authenticate that so everyone can see how good I am at authenticating Michael Jackson! Somebody call an ambulance I'm having a heart attack! Heath...........
  • Cool!

    I can dig it!

  • Shut Up Miles!!!!!

    And Just Love!

  • Just concerned about how garbage like this becomes legitimized and placed into the public marketplace?

    It would seem that the public is deserving of an explanation.

  • The Vandesrhoven despises excessive bickering and discord. In the spirit of ultimate, Godly reconciliation, he offers this little song of Friendship to all of the authenticators at AML, Peace Be With You!!!

  • hahaha the part in bold just seems like he's avoiding something. He is a collector himself he knows that resale value goes up if you have a trusted third party cert. I also know exactly why he did this he was testing you roger, to see if you knew your stuff! No need to question why.........
  • Seems like pretty soon Rogers certs are going to be worth less then the breath mints.........I might go with the breath mints?
  • I know when I sign my name I add an extra loop sometimes at high speeds etc. Maybe even an extra hump or two!
  • Hmmmmm wow I mean this 3 hump thing is retarded. There is no way that every Paul sig is the same! I know that there can be certain characteristics that show up most of the time but not every single time. There are variables my friend!
  • Can't wait to see him explain this one.  WOW!

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