Anyone Have News on the Michael Johnson v. RR Lawsuit?

Just wondering if anyone in the community has any news on this suit.  Last post I saw was that Judge Geck set the trial date of January 17.  But we cannot find any published reports or status.  Thanks for an insights.

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  • As advised by the FBI, Federal Statutes of Limitation on Conspiracy to Commit Fraud; Wire Fraud, etc., are five years, unless it's Bank Fraud, which is now ten years.  So Kay's family doesn't care what happens to all the schmucks now.  But the principals involved have told so many lies to so many people for so long now, it's only a matter of time...

    HOWEVER, the United States Secret Service has four open-ended investigations ongoing to follow up on separate FOIA filings alleging a group conspiracy to sell autographs and historical documents to the Bush White House.  In addition, photocopies and scans of some 32 cancelled checks Kay Burris ALLEGEDLY made out to cash and endorsed to herself while working for R&R have been turned over to investigators, as those "autographs" clearly were NOT her signatures and she was framed to make it look as though she "misappropriated" said money. That bumps the "limitations" to TEN years as its under the "Bank Fraud" limitations.  Investigators have also concluded that NO money (of the allegedly misappropriated funds she supposedly stole) EVER made it into any of the Burris's known bank accounts - WHILE KAY BURRIS WAS STILL ALIVE. (Other banks contacted in New England may have indicated cashed checks surfacing up to several months AFTER her funeral, mysteriously.)

    IF anyone would like copies of those signatures and cancelled checks for your own "expert evaluation", please email "The Truth" privately.  ...And oh yeah fyi, there are no statutes of limitations on murder; conspiracy to commit murder; or conspiracy to conceal murder.

  • If anybody needs the depositions they were saved when they were put up to the website.  Also there are written transcripts of each, you can contact the law firm or Autograph Plant for more info.


    Freedom of information act

    Patriot Act

    1st Amendment, Protected under the Constitution of the United States of America



    However at this point, what difference does it make, nobody seems to really care and if you didn't see it for the last 3-4 years where were you and why didn't you?

  • It looks like the case is OVER.

    Says the case has been, DISMISSED and there was a motion to have it VACATED.

    The video's of the depositions that were on youtube have been removed (usually because of a settlement) the previous website that Mr. Johnson had is no longer active or even valid.

    Sadly the only winners in this it looks like were the lawyers as there is little information available through the courts on this matter.

    The Roger Epperson case vs Michael Johnson is still on the books and is slated for a jury trial set for this Monday, April 17 2017, very little information has been provided to the courts in that matter also.  Roger has avoided being deposed in that case, however he has 3 others that he does not look like he is going to be so lucky with. (HE WILL BE DEPOSED IN FRONT OF A VIDEO CAMERA)

    Sure is amazing to have as much information and what looked like such a rock solid case to have it all fall apart for Mr. Johnson.  The "legal eyes" that looked at this all point to when the lawyers asked and were won the hearing to be removed from the case as the downfall for him (Johnson)  The timeline was too tight and at that point the scales tipped from being almost all in his favor to sliding out from under him.

    Wonder what will become of all of the items he had?  What do you all think?  Should he have a sale?  After all they are "stickered" as REAL!

    There will be people at the courthouse to report on the Epperson trial this Monday, stay tuned.

  • It's going forward.  As are the numerous lawsuits against Roger Epperson.

  • I saw a number of posts on Steve "i'll control the news" Cyrkins newrag website forum earlier this week.

    A new person, posted that the websites were down (Michael Johnson's) and was wondering what was going on.

    A person said to ask Chad, another said that RR won, Cyrkin said that Johnson's lawyers asked to be removed from the case and were, Then another "new" person got on and said that Michael Johnson LOST the case.

    This story remained in the "TOP CONTENT" for a week, even though for 2.5 days NOBODY posted in it, then as soon as that last no name posted Mr. Johnson lost, the post vanished, into thin air...(saved however)

    Something that should be noted.  The YOUTUBE video's are STILL UP.  While they were under the website's control there were no comments allowed to be posted, since the websites went down, the comment section on most of the video's have been unlocked. (except one of Bob Eaton's) and people are writing with a frenzy about(quoting what I saw from earlier in the week, not sure if the quotes are still up as of this post,) "what a shady company RR is!  How things like that have gone on with them, they got letters from a lawyer saying to "let things go or else", how bad Eaton comes off in the deposition, how stupid he sounds, the only one that had a positive so far was Liz Otto (if you watch all of these this woman is the only person telling the truth, and she looks scared for her life)" Livingston doesn't come off any better and poor Bill White, he's just not that smart."

    So one has to think that if indeed the case is over and RR WON, wouldn't they run to YOUTUBE to take these video's off of the internet? (not that they can't be put right back up, don't think that many people saved them Bobby boy)  This again goes top show you, just how smart everybody is over there with the leader, the mentally ill and controller of everything at the helm.  He's probably writing for everybody.

    Looking back on AML, it sure was comical how when they were all talking about this case, how he had to shut his website down for a day, to make up "rules" first time in history!  Make up and enforce RULES on a website, because they were talking about 2 groups.  RR auctions and Roger Epperson.  HOWEVER, want to talk about another auction house and post endless groups of photos and take endless pot shots with nothing to back anything up, HAVE A FIELD DAY, NO RULES, but if we talk about a select group of people, lets SHUT THE SITE DOWN, AND HAVE RULES!

    Goes hand and hand with his illness.  Hopefully he took his meds today!

  • Hello "The Truth"  I saw the same thing.  I did see while looking at other cases that he had that he "Michael Johnson" had to get new lawyers as his lawyers withdrew from ALL of the cases that they were hired for.  He recently asked for a extension in his case against Roger Epperson and it was granted, so i'm going to take a educated guess that the same thing happened here?  The only thing is there is a "cap" so to speak, in CA that the case has to go to trial withing 5 years from filing, and this one is at the 5 year mark.  This one is going to trail one way or another, same with Epperson.

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