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BREAKING NEWS - Huge story on regarding the validity of dozens of Rocky Marciano signed letters that have permeated the hobby with official "certification". Check it out, we are mentioned in the story.

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Just posted. An indispensable autograph study of Jimi Hendrix, by Grant V. , the pre-eminent Jimi Hendrix expert, only here at Autograph Planet. This study not to be missed.

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The forgery/secretarial/autopen page was kicked off with a look at Muhammad Ali.

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Photos (currently featuring Muhammad Ali)

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  • JSA at 6 locations at once?

    JSA's website says that they will be at the following places authenticating autographs on June. 24, 2017.    6 locations in 6 different states! Tell me that JSA has 6 teams of experts that know dozens of different genres of autographs? So there is no longer an A and B squad, but a C, D, E and F squad as well??  What is going on? I would have a hard time accepting anything else but the hypothesis that these places are staffed with low wage millenials stickering product at their discretion. World…

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    Started by Auto Guy 1 Reply · Reply by ChadB 6 hours ago
  • Muhammad Ali Art Auctions at Sea - Online Authentics

    Muhammd Ali Art Auctions at Sea - Online Authentics                                                                                                                 by Stephen Koschal Remember the scandal we exposed of all the hundreds of prints claimed to be hand signed by Salvador Dali that were being auctioned at sea on all the major cruise ships? The prints have now been pulled from the auctions. It is highly recommended if anyone was the winner bidder on any print sold at the art auctions…

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    Started by stephen koschal 0 Replies
  • PSA/DNA Authentication Services - Another Major Blunder

    PSA/DNA Authentication Services Another Major Blunder How many stories need to be written over 2 decades proving this “group” (maybe down to one person) should consider getting out of the autograph authenticating business? This recent “blunder” is less than a month old and several individuals have been hurt/damaged because of an uneducated guess made by “someone” at PSA/DNA. It’s all about a signature of John F. Kennedy. We have to assume through the years the so-called “experts” at PSA/DNA…

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    Started by stephen koschal 1 Reply · Reply by Allen Hoover May 11
  • Autograph Authentication - A Fascinating Item

    Autograph Authentication - A Most Fascinating Item                                                                                                               By Stephen Koschal Never a week goes by without being asked what was the most unusual item I have authenticated. Since I have been authenticating autographs since 1967 many strange items have come my way. Some of the items came my way through some of the high profile companies who claim they can authenticate autographs but were unable…

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    Started by stephen koschal 0 Replies



"This is a good point. I wish they would id notify these people."
Auto Guy posted a discussion
JSA's website says that they will be at the following places authenticating autographs on June. 24,…
Muhammd Ali Art Auctions at Sea - Online Authentics                                               …
"According to what was posted on PSA's message board, Joe Orlando signs all the pages now, and there…"
PSA/DNA Authentication ServicesAnother Major BlunderHow many stories need to be written over 2 deca…
Autograph Authentication - A Most Fascinating Item                                                 …
"I would not buy any of these. The one dies have nice framing and presentation other than the fake s…"
"Another great place to get stuff DIRECTLY from artists before they become even available is Pledge…"
Looking at EBAY you have a lot of options. Lets take a look at some:These are all for sale on EBAY…
"We can't wait to see all the COA's / LOA's provided to accompany the numerous (possibly dubious) au…"
"As advised by the FBI, Federal Statutes of Limitation on Conspiracy to Commit Fraud; Wire Fraud, et…"
"If anybody needs the depositions they were saved when they were put up to the website.  Also there…"
"It looks like the case is OVER.
Says the case has been, DISMISSED and there was a motion to have it…"
"Been awhile but it appears based on Eli Manning's emails to the equipment manager that he was compl…"
"Nice study. Thanks for that. Always come in handy when looking for a Hendrix autograph to purchase."
calla and Autograph Sale joined Autograph Planet
The autograph authentication scams have been going on for about 15 years.   Try to discuss the auth…
"Lonnie was a amazing artist and musician.  I was lucky to see him perform 2 times here in Indianapo…"
BLUES LEGEND LONNIE BROOKS: DECEMBER 18, 1933 - APRIL 1, 2017Grammy-nominated Chicago blues icon Lo…
"After just a few days Buddy Guy has sold out of most items since I posted this.  His people are hap…"