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BREAKING NEWS - Huge story on regarding the validity of dozens of Rocky Marciano signed letters that have permeated the hobby with official "certification". Check it out, we are mentioned in the story.

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Just posted. An indispensable autograph study of Jimi Hendrix, by Grant V. , the pre-eminent Jimi Hendrix expert, only here at Autograph Planet. This study not to be missed.

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The forgery/secretarial/autopen page was kicked off with a look at Muhammad Ali.

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Photos (currently featuring Muhammad Ali)

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  • Shakeup at PSA/DNA???

    Looks like there is something going on at PSA/DNA.  Steve Grad AKA the "DREAMCRUSHER" seems to be not part of "the team" anymore. Most of his video's on YOUTUBE have been removed, or marked "private" and the ones that are there have been edited to remove him. Does anybody have any knowledge as to what is going on? Is this because he lied about his education again?  Caught the first time... Here is the transcript of the case Grad Deposition

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    Started by John Jacob Dryer 0 Replies
  • How SELF-APPOINTED-EXPERTS sullied the Billion dollar authograph industry!|

    Self Appointed Experts Sullied the hobby LA Weekly At his cluttered kitchen table in Myrtle Beach, S.C., surrounded by hundreds of trading cards and discarded foil wrappers, Steve Sterpka finally found what he'd been looking for. The CVS Pharmacy manager had sifted through 15 boxes of Upper Deck baseball cards, hoping to encounter one of the coupons for rare collectibles the company randomly inserted in its merchandise to entice customers. In this case, Sterpka was after the signature of a…

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    Started by Willie Naler 3 Replies · Reply by Auto Guy Sep 10
  • Steve Grad video depositon

    Thanks to Roger Epperson and for him looking out just himself, with the posting of the sealed transcript of the video deposition in his case VS Michael Johnson.  Both Steve Grad and Joe Orlando's video's will soon be posted.   A big thanks to Roger Epperson for making this happen! Anybody else notice that he's not mentioned on the "experts" page on the gold and silver's website? Gold&Silver pawn "THE EXPERTS" In fact, if you "search" for STEVE GRAD only 2 things pop up and both are from a…

    Read more…
    Started by Ken Booth 1 Reply · Reply by Raiderchef on Thursday
  • R&R Auctions newest lawyer wants to run "surveillance" on Michael Johnson!

    Just amazing what this case has turned into for R&R Auctions.  We finally have a court trial date of January 17, 2017. Look at this email from one of the newest lawyers hired by R&R Auctions, Anita Jain: R&R even inquiring about Michael Johnson's father?!!  (Who has sadly passed away)  When is enough, enough?  How low will these people go?   The email was sent August 28, 2016 by Anita Jain. Anita Jain is the latest in a long line of attorneys who have represented and currently represent…

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    Started by Ken Booth 0 Replies



"Now that is funny!"
"I'd do $100 on this right now. Cheapest on eBay for his auto rookie is $129."
Looks like there is something going on at PSA/DNA.  Steve Grad AKA the "DREAMCRUSHER" seems to be n…
"Hey Antonio! And hey planet haven't been here in a while! I'd consider selling it if you wouldn't…"
"Is Dave for sale"
"Just another lawsuit coming his way....  Cyrking getting served!  VIA public records!"
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"He's a freelancer and writes for village voice, etc"

I tried contacting him a couple years ago and got no response.…"
"This article was published in LA Weekly on March 27, 2014 two and a half years ago.  I have contact…"
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Self Appointed Experts Sullied the hobby LA WeeklyAt his cluttered kitchen table in Myrtle Beach, S…
Finally after almost 5 years from the filing of the lawsuit, RR Auctions finally settling in on the…
"Does this mean the truth can finally be told?…"
Michael Hecht, President of the UACC Another Call For His ResignationThis year alone, there has bee…
 Under the Presidency of Michael HechtUACC Hit’s ANOTHER Remarkable New LowIf you are in the autogr…
Bill Chapman - Sport Collectors, Inc. Issues a Useless COAConfirmed by “Useless Autograph COA Colle…
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UACC Auction - Not What it Appears- CautionTypical UACC “BS” and not much more. This auction needs…