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BREAKING NEWS - Huge story on regarding the validity of dozens of Rocky Marciano signed letters that have permeated the hobby with official "certification". Check it out, we are mentioned in the story.

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Just posted. An indispensable autograph study of Jimi Hendrix, by Grant V. , the pre-eminent Jimi Hendrix expert, only here at Autograph Planet. This study not to be missed.

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The forgery/secretarial/autopen page was kicked off with a look at Muhammad Ali.

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Photos (currently featuring Muhammad Ali)

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  • Preferred Autograph Dealers - Updated List - Bill Corcoran First to be Removed

    Adam Andrusier - UK  Alexander Historical Auctions - MD Andreas Wiemer Historical Autographs - Germany Antiquar & Auktionator - Holland Archives Historical Autographs - Va Artifactcloud - Formally Spaceflori, German Bauman Rare Books Brian & Maria Green, NC Burkhard Schubert - Germany Butterfields Auctioneers - CA Cowan’s Auctions - OH Custodians of History - MA David J. Holmes - NY Deco Memorabilia - CA Demarest - France Diana J. Rendell, Inc. - MA Erasmushaus Ltd. - Switzerland Gary Combs…

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    Started by stephen koschal 0 Replies
  • PSA/DNA Mis-Authenticates Again - Goldin Auctions

    PSA/DNA Mis-Authenticates Again - Goldin Auctions Just days ago you read about a very embarrassing mis-authentication made by PSA/DNA. This was just one of the thousands of horrific mistakes made by this company who claims they can authenticate autographs. They encapsulated a George H.W. Bush signature and authenticated it as a George W. Bush signature. There is absolutely no excuse for this mistake as the two Bush signatures have no resemblance to each other. The only answer for this blunder…

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    Started by stephen koschal 0 Replies
  • $1,000 reward for a Screen Capture of Rich Viola's forgery comment on AML

    We are offering a $1,000 reward for anyone who screen captured a comment  made by a Rich Viola on Autograph Magazine Live, today 7/9/2017.  He posted a comment stating some of the finest, most reputable dealers on the planet are forgers.  Before it could be captured he deleted it.  The person who commented on this by stating the following was immediately deleted, which should shock no one. You will remain anonymous and this will be turned over to attorney's who will promptly sue Rich Viola…

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    Started by Autoplanetadmin 2 Replies · Reply by Auto Guy Jul 10
  • Autograph Authentication Company for Sale- Just $99.99

    Autograph Authentication company for sale.  We only have 7 of these start up companies for sale so act now. For just $99.99 you will purchase your own company!  You will become a top level autograph authentication firm. This price includes a magnifying glass, and stickers. Expert not included.  Just create your own and give him the title and your done. Call 1 (800) URA-SUKR now Hotdog cart not included, exemplar's can be found on ebay.

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    Started by Jonah Reese 6 Replies · Reply by Grant Jul 9



Adam Andrusier - UK Alexander Historical Auctions - MD Andreas Wiemer Historical Autographs - Germa…
PSA/DNA Mis-Authenticates Again - Goldin AuctionsJust days ago you read about a very embarrassing m…
"There was that one church that took donations that people didn't like.  Westboro  Baptist Church in…"
"Maybe there should be an effort to stop looking for someone to represent "pro bono" and start looki…"
"I have heard there is a claim to the reward already. hopefully justice will prevail and people like…"
"Are we discussing civil or criminal? Moral or legal? The intricacies involved are incredible, so mu…"
"He seems to lack the understanding that there is a certain culpability involved In the initiating a…"
"Whoeeee! Let me check my webcrawler!!!!!!!!!"
We are offering a $1,000 reward for anyone who screen captured a comment  made by a Rich Viola on A…
"All of this support is overwhelming! It brings tears to my eyes. The fact that so many still have f…"
"I forgot to include the LOA's that also come with this starter kit.  That's an extra .15cent value…"
"I will contribute for sale 100%, yes, 100% of the sale of a 3X5 card signed by Dan Quayle to Miles…"
"Perhaps if everyone here chips in $5 each, Miles could start up a franchise?"
Autograph Authentication company for sale.  We only have 7 of these start up companies for sale so…
UACC - An Autograph SanctuaryThe UACC, “Universal Autograph Collectors Club” is now referred to by…
"Oh boy, speaking of pro bono I heard Stephen Duncan is contacting Christmas, Kelley attorney's at 1…"
"Steve, Thank you for sharing. I purchase autographs from Markus from time to time, a Great dealer."
"I agree with you DB that there is nobody in the hobby that would meet the threshold for authenticat…"
"Steve Zarelli was created and made up like Peter pan. He is no different than anyone else.  Where d…"
"that's about the time I started moving away from all the back and forth.  collectors, like me, don'…"