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BREAKING NEWS - Huge story on regarding the validity of dozens of Rocky Marciano signed letters that have permeated the hobby with official "certification". Check it out, we are mentioned in the story.

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Just posted. An indispensable autograph study of Jimi Hendrix, by Grant V. , the pre-eminent Jimi Hendrix expert, only here at Autograph Planet. This study not to be missed.

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The forgery/secretarial/autopen page was kicked off with a look at Muhammad Ali.

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Photos (currently featuring Muhammad Ali)

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  • PSA/DNA a publicly traded company misrepresenting collectibles using photoshop? Why would Joe Orlando, president of PSA/DNA, tweet a record breaking signed collectible of a Ty Cobb postcard supposedly signed, by showing a composite photoshop of two different encapsulated postcards? What is the purpose of this and does not PSA/DNA, a publicly traded company, have an ethics board that would frown upon such behavior such as photoshopping and merging two separate collectibles to make one Frankenstein collectible…

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    Started by Auto Guy 2 Replies · Reply by Raiderchef on Wednesday
  • PSA/DNA Class Action Lawsuit mentioned on Autograph Live

    PSA/DNA Class Action Lawsuit Posted by John kayne on November 26, 2016 at 1:38pm in Town Square View Discussions We're putting together a team for a class action lawsuit. They are scamming people. Please contact me for help.  Christman/Kelley Attorneys Dallas Texas Office 2570 Justin Road, Suite 240 Highland Village, Texas 75077 phone: 972.253.4440 fax: 866.611.9852Contact Dallas Office View Larger Map Santa Barbara California Office 1334 Anacapa Street Santa Barbara, California 93101…

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    Started by JRyan 4 Replies · Reply by DB on Thursday
  • South Florida Vintage Autograph Collection - Stolen

    Out of a private home in Plantation, Florida two albums filled with autographs and signed photographs were stolen. They were taken by a man who goes by the name of "Marty" who once owned a coin store in south Florida until he was convicted of a crime and sentenced to prison several years ago. He took two albums one of them green and the autographs were mounted with little adhesive corners.  Many of the items were collected by Harold Schultz and some of the items are inscribed to him. Several…

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    Started by stephen koschal 0 Replies
  • Lyndon B. Johnson signatures, dot under the B. or no dot

    How many times do I have to write a story on this subject and some sellers of autographs still can't get it right. I wrote a story on this subject in "Autograph Times" with illustrations and wrote another story on the same subject on " It is about the bookplate that he signed for his book "The Vantage Point".  I have handled at least 200 of these bookplates and have seen many others. EVERY single one of them is hand signed by Lyndon B. Johnson!  He signed most of these at a…

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    Started by stephen koschal 0 Replies



"I suppose one could utilize information from a deposition on a different case to pursue something e…"
"Steve, I personally think you are the best in the Industry, and I recommend you every chance I have…"
"AWESOME FIND!!!  Send that to the Law firm, i'm sure they will be able to use it in the case agains…"
"I think it depends on what they have.  Remember, this law firm had Joe Orlando in a deposition hot…"
"Thank you Steve, If you endorse it it is good. I would like to see you publish another book. You ar…"
"Using a negative filter and edge detection, you can see that the autograph has a rectangle around i…"
Auto Guy posted a discussion
NAPOLEON is now a member of Autograph Planet
"When i discussed ebay with several different class action firms regarding their forgery reviews i w…"
"Contacting the fbi is more usless than not.  If this lawfirm is contemplating a class action then s…"
JRyan posted a discussion
PSA/DNA Class Action LawsuitPosted by John kayne on November 26, 2016 at 1:38pm in Town SquareView…
Out of a private home in Plantation, Florida two albums filled with autographs and signed photograp…
"It was a good game, but we could have played a lot better.  I see the Head Coach is crying over som…"
"Congarats Raiderchef on that Oakland victory over Houston Monday night in Mexico city. Nuttin' good…"
How many times do I have to write a story on this subject and some sellers of autographs still can'…
"I contacted most of the seller of the hats, included the photo of the hat and the email where it st…"
"Update: Quasi sellers of Trump "signed" hats and books with "signed" bookplates all bearing a machi…"
"HA HA!  I guess so, I guess so!
I told the campaign that they were going to cause a "shit storm" wi…"
"I sent photos of it to P.A.A.S. earlier, and their online ($7) analysis said it's likely to pass au…"